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EasyEXPERT group+ Device Characterization Software

Keysight EasyEXPERT group+ GUI based device characterization software is available for Keysight Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer Series. It is available on your PC or the B150xA’s embedded Windows 10 platform with 15-inch touch screen to accelerate the device characterization tasks. EasyEXPERT/Desktop EasyEXPERT supports efficient and repeatable device characterization in the entire characterization process from device measurement setup and execution to data management and analysis either interactive manual operation or automation across a wafer in conjunction with a semiautomatic wafer prober. EasyEXPERT/Desktop EasyEXPERT makes it easy to perform complex device characterization immediately with the ready-to-use measurements (application tests) furnished, and allows you the option of storing test condition and device measurement data automatically after each measurement in a unique built-in database (workspace), ensuring that valuable information is not lost and that measurements can be repeated at a later date. Keysight Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer Series provides the complete solution for device characterization with these versatile capabilities EasyEXPERT group+ device characterization software is upgradable from the previous generation of EasyEXPERT/Desktop EasyEXPERT software.

For more information about Current-Voltage Analyzer, please visit Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer.

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EasyEXPERT Software User's Guide Vol. 1
Provides the reference information of Keysight EasyEXPERT software.

User Manual 2020-12-01

EasyEXPERT Software Self-paced Training Manual
Self-paced training manual for EasyEXPERT Software.

User Manual 2020-12-01

PDF PDF 46.16 MB
EasyEXPERT Software Application Library Reference
Provides a detailed description of the application tests furnished with Keysight EasyEXPERT software

Reference Guide 2020-12-01

EasyEXPERT Software User's Guide Vol. 2
Provides the reference information of Keysight EasyEXPERT software.

User Manual 2020-12-01

B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer - Technical Overview
This technical overviewdescribes the complete device characterization solution covering measurement needs from basic IV and CV to ultra-fast pulsed and transient IV measurement using the B1500A semiconductor device analyzer.

Technical Overview 2019-08-22

EasyEXPERT group+ Advanced NVM Application Tests User's Guide
This document describes the overview of how to use the Advance NVM (ReRAM, PCRAM and FeRAM) characterization application tests of Keysight EasyEXPERT group+ software.

User Manual 2019-06-30

The parametric Measurement Handbook, Rev 4
This 2018, Rev 4 handbook describes how to evaluate accurate current, voltage, or capacitance measurement by explaining parametric measurement basic

Brochure 2018-01-08

Benefit from Dramatic Improvements with a Transition from the 4155/4156 Analyzer Series
This technical overview introduces benefits of a transition from the 4155/4156 analyzer series to the most up to date analyzers.

Technical Overview 2016-03-08

Curve tracing on B2900A SMUs using EasyEXPERT software
Watch a video of the EasyEXPERT group+ software introducing its curve tracing mode using the Keysight B2900A SMUs.

Demo 2016-02-17

Sequencing tests on B2900A SMUs using EasyEXPERT software
Watch a video of the EasyEXPERT group+ software introducing its sequencing test mode using the Keysight B2900A SMUs.

Demo 2016-02-17

The sample demo data and the setups
The sample demo data and the setups used in the demonstration guide, B2911-90600 B2900A Series Precision Source/Measure Unit and EasyEXPERT group+ software.

Demo 2016-02-12

EasyEXPERT group+ Software with B2900A SMU
This video shows how easy it is to test the CMOS transistor using EasyEXPERT group+ software with B2902A precision source/measure unit.

Demo 2016-02-11

EasyEXPERT group+ characterization software for Precision Current-Voltage Analyzer Series
Desktop EasyEXPERT is free PC-based software that works with the Keysight B1500A, B1505A, 4155/56B or 4155/56C.

Technical Overview 2016-01-21

Sheet Resistance/Resistivity Measurement Using a Source/Measurement Unit (SMU) - Application Note
This application note provides the technical information for the sheet resistance measurement using the precision current-voltage analyzer series.

Application Note 2016-01-14

EasyEXPERT Online Help
Online help file for EasyEXPERT software

Help File 2015-05-30

Customizing Keysight B1500A EasyEXPERT Application Tests - Application Note
This six-page application note shows how easy it is to change the input parameter range in a furnished B1500A application test.

Application Note 2014-07-31

Creating a Test Sequence Using Keysight EasyEXPERT Software - Data Sheet
This 16-page application note demonstrates how a test sequence can be created using tests from the CMOS category using the furnished EasyEXPERT "Id-VD" and "Vth gmMax" application test definitions as an example.

Data Sheet 2014-07-31

Parametric Instrument Accessories Guide
This document provides comprehensive and detailed information on the accessories that are available for Keysight parametric measurement instruments.

Selection Guide 2013-12-09

Keysight Technologies Reduces Endurance Test Time for Non-Volatile Memory Cells from Days to Hours
Enhanced Software Test Shell with EasyEXPERT Expands Testing, Characterization Capabilities

Press Materials 2007-06-28

Demo video of EasyEXPERT for B1500A/B1505A
The Keysight EasyEXPERT is GUI based essential software working on the B1500A/B1505A embedded Windows7

Demo 2006-10-01