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Atomic Force Microscopes, FE-SEM, Nanoindenters, UTM


Accelerate Your Discovery with Comprehensive, Customizable Nanomeasurement Solutions from Keysight

Keysight Technologies, the winner of 2017 UNESCO Medal for Nanotechnologies Contributions, provides a wide range of high-performance nanoscale measurement instruments for research, industry and education. The applications cover most research fields including Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Life Sciences, Semiconductors, Failure Analysis, etc.

Atomic Force Microscopy - Keysight offers a wide range of high-precision atomic force microscopes (AFM) to meet your unique research needs – no matter it is for high-resolution imaging, high-speed imaging or real-time, quantitative nanomechanical mapping capabilities. Our industry-leading environmental/temperature and fluid handling techniques enable superior control for electrochemistry, polymer science and life-science applications in particular.

Nanoindentation Tools - The Keysight’s nanoindentation systems are the world’s most accurate, flexible, and user-friendly instrument for micro-/nano-scale mechanical testing - Now powered by ultrafast and high-temperature nanoindentation capabilities for hardness and modulus measurement, as well as scratch and wear testing on an expanded range of materials.

Scanning Electron Microscopy - The innovative 8500B system is the world’s first compact field-emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) designed specifically for low-voltage, high-resolution imaging applications in your own lab – PLUS quantitative energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) for advanced elemental analysis.

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Advanced Nanomeasurement Solutions - Brochure
High level nanotechnology brochure discussing AFM, FE-SEM and Nanomechanical Testing Systems capabilities across industries and research areas.

Brochure 2016-05-06