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DigRF Protocol Test Products

Key Features & Specifications

• Help ensure your design is consistent with the DigRF v4 interoperability standards
• Use familiar software tools across both the digital and wireless interfaces through the entire design cycle.
• Gain insight into the root cause of cross-domain interactions
• Speed and simplify testing with non-intrusive measurements
• Confidence in your measurements with digital gigabit expertise alongside wireless experience
• Supporting your time to market requirements


For designers and integrators of RFIC and BBIC chipsets using DigRF v4, Keysight´s test solution enables comprehensive stimulus and analysis capabilities in the digital and RF domains as well as across domains. See the RDX solution to enable RF physical domain stimulus and analysis across an RF-IC chip. Our tools provide the fastest insight into the performance of your mobile handset design from turn on through to integration and verification.

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M9252A DigRF Host Adapter Protocol Test for MIPI Alliance Gear1 and Gear2 DigRf v4 RFICs - Data Shee
The M9252A DigRF Host Adapter provides the serial stimulus capabilities required for the MIPITM Alliance DigRF v4-based RFIC evaluation and characterization.

Data Sheet 2017-12-05