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N8480 Series Power Sensors

N8480 Power Sensor

The N8480 Series power sensors are thermocouple solutions for highly accurate RF power measurements, ranging from 100 kHz to 50 GHz. These new sensors are now integrated with EEPROM capability, which simplifies calibration by removing the need to manually key in calibration factors at each frequency point.

The N8480 power sensor offers improved accuracy with excellent SWR, exceptional power linearity (<1%) and first-rate repeatability; resulting in more efficient testing and reducing manufacturing costs.

In addition, the N8480 has broadened its dynamic range by extending the lower power level down to -35dBm, providing industry’s widest dynamic range of 55 dB (single sensor solution) and 79 dB (combined sensor solution) in a thermocouple power measurement solution.

  • -35 to +20dBm (N8481/82/85/87A)
  • -15 to +35dBm (N8481/82H)
  • -5 to +44dBm (N8481/82B)

All N8480 sensors are designed to be backward compatible with the EPM (E4418B/19B), EPM-P (E4416A/17A) and P-Series (N1911A/12A) power meters to minimize re-coding efforts and investment. The N8480 sensors are not compatible with Keysight 43x, E1416A, N8262A power meters; 5314x microwave counters and E7495x base station test set. (More information)

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Power Meters and Power Sensors - Brochure
This brochure covers features, applications, specifications and selection guide for Keysight's power measurement solutions.

Brochure 2017-11-09

PDF PDF 10.73 MB
Power Meters and Sensors - Selection Guide
The guide introduces each model or Series in brief, followed by applications that benefit from these instruments. It also includes comprehensive selection charts and a compatibility table to help you pick out the right power meter and sensor.

Selection Guide 2017-11-09

Average Power Sensor Measurement Uncertainty Calculator - Application Note
Measurement Uncertainty Calculator for the Average Power Sensors (N8481A, N8482A, N8485A, N8481A-CFT, N8482A-CFT, N8485A-CFT, 8481D, 8485D, 8487D, R8486D, Q8486D, E4412A, E4413A, E9300A, E9301A, E9304A, E9300B, E9301B, E9300H, E9301H)

Application Note 2017-09-08

N8480 Operating and Service Guide
This document consists of overview of N8480 Series power sensors. It describes the principle of operation, specifications, characteristic as well as the troubleshooting and repair of the N8480 Series power sensors.

Operation Manual 2017-08-11

N8480 Series Thermocouple Power Sensors - Data Sheet
This data sheet outlines the specifications of the N8480 Series thermocouple power sensors

Data Sheet 2017-06-01

N8486AR Thermocouple Power Sensors 3D Model, STEP Format
This is a STEP format 3D Model of the N8486AR Thermocouple Power Sensors.

Technical Overview 2015-02-16

N8486AR Thermocouple Power Sensors 2D Drawing, PDF Format
This is a PDF format 2D Drawing of the N8486AR Thermocouple Power Sensors.

Technical Overview 2015-02-16

Tips for Querying CW and Average Power Without Compromising Measurement Accuracy - Application Brief
This application brief demonstrates the capabilities Keysight power meters and power sensors have for measuring CW and average power signals.

Application Note 2013-07-02

Power Meter/Sensor (PMPS) Product SCPI Application Tool - Application Note
PMPS Product SCPI Application Tool is a powerful software consists of customer application use case, product features and detail programming SCPI commands. All this information was compiled as specific document for customer reference and product application educational tool. The application document will provide a basic measurement explanation, product’s test methodology and related SCPI commands (in sequence). This will greatly save the engineers’ time and resource in the development stage.

Application Note 2013-06-24

N8480 Series Thermocouple Power Sensors - Product Fact Sheet
This two-page quick fact sheet highlights the key features and specifications for N848x Series

Promotional Materials 2013-05-29

7 Practices to Prevent Damaging Power Meter Power Sensors - Application Note
Mishandling of power meter power sensor will caused the malfunction of these instrument. Practices to protect power meter power sensor from faulty is to prolong the life span of these instruments.

Application Note 2011-09-30

Practices to Optimize Power Meter/Sensor Speed for Shorter Test Time - Application Note
This application note describes some useful tips on how to effectively minimize test times while obtaining power measurements.

Application Note 2011-07-14

N8480 Migration Guide
This migration guide provides the comparison between legacy 8480 and new N8480 power sensors. It corporate with step-by-step migration guide from 8480 to N8480 sensors with EPM power meter.

Application Note 2009-05-29

Technical Overview N8480 Series Thermocouple Power Sensors
This technical overview shows the key features of the new N8480 Series power sensors which replace and surpass the legacy 8480 Series power sensors.

Technical Overview 2009-03-20