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E4360 Modular Solar Array Simulators

The E4360 Modular Solar Array Simulators accurately simulates the I-V curve of different arrays under various environmental conditions (such as eclipse, spin, rotation, age and temperature). Its small size and high power saves valuable rack space.

  • Up to 2 outputs of up to 600W per output in 2U of rack space
  • Fast I-V curve changes to simulate eclipse or spin, using List Mode with up to 512 sequenced I-V curves
  • Synchronize to other events in your system with advanced hardware and software triggering
  • Perform remote programming via GPIB, LAN and USB interfaces with SCPI command set (drivers available)
  • Simplify cabling with built-in measurements
  • Program I-V curves from the front panel without a need for a controller
  • Available as a custom turn-key system or as individual instruments

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Want Keysight to build your system? Learn more about Keysight's Solar Array Simulator turnkey system.

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E4360A, E4366A, E4367A, E4368A mainframes with E4361A, E4362A modules 3D Model, STEP Format
STEP format 3D Model of the E4360A mainframe with E4361A and E4362A modules. Combination of modules forms E4366A, E4367A and E4368A configured mainframes.

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This is a selection guide for engineering researchers. It highlights the key research areas that Keysight is involved in, and solutions that can help to meet the research & development objectives.

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E4360 Modular Solar Array Simulators - Data Sheet
This data sheet discusses the Keysight E4360 Modular Solar Array Simulator (SAS) which is a dual output programmable dc power source that simulates the output characteristics of a solar array.

Data Sheet 2015-07-31

Declaration of Conformity
Search Keysight Regulatory database for the most recent Declaration of Conformity statement for your product.

Reference Guide 2014-08-01

Solving the Challenges of Solar Array Simulation - Application Note
Solving the Challenges of Solar Array Simulation defines the optimal power solution for satellite ground testing.

Application Note 2014-07-31

E4360 Modular Solar Array Simulator Service Guide

Service Manual 2011-12-01

E4360 Modular Solar Array Simulator User Guide
Operating and programming manual for the E4360 Modular Solar Array Simulator.

User Manual 2011-12-01

E4360-series Specifications Guide
This is the Specifications Guide for the E4360-series Solar Array Simulator Output Modules and Mainframe.

Data Sheet 2011-12-01

Solar Array Simulator Turnkey System
Keysight now provides an affordable, full turn-key solar array simulator system.

Selection Guide 2011-06-16

Solar Array Simulation System Integration
This technical overview introduces you to important considerations when designing a SAS system. It is important to understand the heat sources inside the rack and how they can affect the operation...

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Testing Terrestrial Solar-Powered Inverters Using Solar Array Simulation Techniques
This application note describes how to test terrestrial solar-powered inverters using solar array simulation techniques.

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Generating I-V Curves with the Keysight E4360A Solar Array Simulator Using the Parameters Voc, Isc, N

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14360A System Control Tools User's Guide

User Manual 2008-11-01

Sequential Shunt Regulation - Regulating Satellite Bus Voltages

Application Note 2008-10-08

Side-by-Side Comparison: E435xB Solar Array Simulator and E436xA Modular Solar Array Simulator

Application Note 2008-10-01

E4360 Programmer's Reference
This Help file contains reference information to help you program the Keysight E4360 Modular Power System over the remote interface using the SCPI programming language.

Help File 2008-05-15