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High-Speed Digitizers and Multichannel Data Acquisition Solution

With our high-speed digitizers, we improve your measurement fidelity, signal integrity and measurement throughput, keeping low the total cost of ownership.
The entire range includes PCIe, PXIe and AXIe form factors, configurable in single to multichannel solutions. Our products cover several applications in commercial OEM, aerospace & defense, wireless & RF communication and high-energy physics.

Moreover, real-time data processing inside on-board FPGA minimizes data transfer volumes, speeding up analysis. As fast as technology can take you, at Keysight we push the limits of processing speed.

Whether your application requirements are clear or you are at the earlier stage of your selection, our digitizer specialists are there to help you define the best solution for your applications.

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You can also find more news about the evolution of the high-speed digitizer technology on our blog.

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