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Test Automation Services

  • Code Conversion for the 34980A Switch/Measure Unit Code Conversion for the 34980A Switch/Measure Unit 

    Code Conversion for the 34980A Switch/Measure Unit

    • Preserve existing functionality of your 3499 or VXI system
    • Convert existing code to 34980A format while maintaining the same measurement capability

  • ParBERT Automation ParBERT Automation 

    ParBERT Automation

    Keysight's ParBERT Automation consulting service provides assistance with the development and implementation of custom test software to automate 812xx system control.

  • TestExecSL Action Development TestExecSL Action Development 

    TestExecSL Action Development

    Generates actions for test systems using Keysight's Test Executive - TestExec SL...

  • Power Stress Test Application Services Power Stress Test Application Services 

    Power Stress Test Application Services

    • Programmable Power Supply units  for repeatable, reliable and accurate measurement results
    • Variable delay time between channels and variable ramping rate
    • Flexible configuration
    • Easy-to-use user interface

  • Test Code Conversion Test Code Conversion 

    Test Code Conversion

    Keysight's Test Code Conversion consulting service provides assistance with upgrading or converting test programs to a different language...

  • Test Code Optimization Test Code Optimization 

    Test Code Optimization

    Improve your RF functional test yields by focusing on test code performance.

  • Test Data Management Test Data Management 

    Test Data Management

    Structured and organized storage of test data and test results provides easy access for further analysis and reporting...

  • Test System Uncertainty Analysis Test System Uncertainty Analysis 

    Test System Uncertainty Analysis

    Assistance with understanding and quantifying measurement uncertainties for complete manufacturing test systems, including Vector Network Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzers...

  • System Requirements Development System Requirements Development 

    System Requirements Development

    The critical first step in the planning phase of any test and measurement system development effort...

  • Test System Design Test System Design 

    Test System Design

    Structured and planned set of engineering activities that lead to the functional design of a test and measurement system...

  • Test Plan Development Test Plan Development 

    Test Plan Development

    Planning assistance to optimize test time, test effectiveness and automated software development...

  • Test Code Development Test Code Development 

    Test Code Development

    Software development for automated engineering and manufacturing test systems...

  • R1310A-401 Remote Application Development Service R1310A-401 Remote Application Development Service 

    R1310A-401 Remote Application Development Service

    Application and/or programming assistance delivered by industry experts over the phone and electronically to accomplish your engineering requirements...

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