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Discontinued ENA Series RF Network Analyzers

This page provides product information for discontinued and obsolete ENA Series RF Network Analyzers.

View the ENA Series of RF Network Analyzers product overview and application examples online: ENA Series RF Network Analyzer Video Demos

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Vector Network Analyzer - Selection Guide
Keysight offers a variety of vector network analyzers with frequency, performance, and versatility to meet your measurement needs.

Selection Guide 2018-08-02

E5061B Network Analyzer - Configuration Guide
This literature guides the customers through configuring the E5061B when they plan to purchase it. It contains the information on options, accessories, and services available with the E5061B.

Configuration Guide 2018-08-01

Applying Error Correction To Vector Network Analyzer Measurements - Application Note
Only perfect test equipment would not need correction. Imperfections exist in even the finest test equipment and cause less than ideal measurement results.

Application Note 2018-02-28

~325GHz Lens Antenna Method, Diagonal incidence type Wave Absorber, Return Loss Measurement System

Solution Brief 2018-02-22

2.6-110GHz, Frequency change method, Dk/Df Measurement for Radar cover/Emblem for Automotive

Solution Brief 2018-01-22

18-140GHz Sheet, Ultra-thin Sheet Permittivity and Dielectric Loss Tangent Measurement System

Solution Brief 2018-01-22

Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Vector Network Analysis - Application Note 1287-1
This application note explores the fundamental principles of vector network analysis. The discussion includes the common parameters (S-parameters). RF fundamentals such as transmission lines and the Smith chart will also be reviewed.

Application Note 2017-12-14

Antenna Test - Selection Guide
Keysight Technologies provides many of the components required to make accurate antenna and radar cross-section (RCS) measurements. Use this guide to: understand how Keysight instruments can be integrated into various configurations, learn about interface requirements between components, understand issues related to selecting the equipment required to make antenna measurements, and learn how to migrate from the 8510 network analyzer or 8530 microwave receiver to the PNA series network analyzer.

Selection Guide 2017-12-02

Drive Down the Cost of Test Using the ENA Series Vector Network Analyzers - Application Note
Discussion of the contributions of the Keysight ENA series vector network analyzer to drive down the cost of test in production lines. Including an in depth analysis of the total cost of ownership.

Application Note 2017-07-05

Artificial Intelligence-based Filter Tuning – SpaceForest
Artificial Intelligence-based Filter Tuning from Keysight Technologies and SpaceForest

Solution Brief 2016-09-01

ENA Series: Service & Support Home Page (Manual, Firmware)
ENA manual, firmware, upgrade and service support portal page.

User Manual 2015-06-01

E5071C Network Analyzer - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide describes standard configurations, options, accessories and peripherals for the ENA RF network analyzers.

Configuration Guide 2015-03-25

Non-Contact Measurement Method for 13.56 MHz RFID Tags – Application Note
For engineers working in RFID antenna design and test, this note discusses a non-contact method for measuring resonant frequencies of RFIDs using a network analyzer.

Application Note 2014-12-05

7 Reasons to Upgrade from Your 8753x to an ENA Network Analyzer - Application Note
Many 8753x users have replaced their analyzers with the ENA since its introduction in November 2001. Although the reasons for making this change to some extent depend on the customer's particular situation, it is easy to highlight the ENA features that are most highly valued by our customers. This document tries to help 8753x users understand how the ENA can improve their network measurement environment, especially in applications related to RF component production tests.

Application Note 2013-01-31

871xE series to ENA 6 series Code Conversion Kit

Programming and Syntax Guide 2012-10-28

Migration from 8712/8714 Series to ENA 6 Series Network Analyzers
This document compares the key product features of the ENA 6 Series and the 8712/8714 series followed by a discussion on how to utilize your existing 8712/8714 software.

Technical Overview 2012-08-09

ENA-L RF Network Analyzers E5061A E5062A Data Sheet
The ENA-L Series of network analyzers (E5061A, 300 kHz to 1.5 GHz and E5062A, 300 kHz to 1.5 GHz) are designed to provide basic vector network analysis for a variety of applications. The ENA-L Series offers all of the critical performance and features needed to test typical RF components such as: filters, amplifiers, antennas, cables, CATV tap, and distribution amplifiers. This datasheet shows the technical specifications of ENA-L Series.

Data Sheet 2012-07-27

Time Domain Analysis With a Network Analyzer Application Note (AN 1287-12)
This document focuses on time domain analysis (displays) generated from vector network analyzers (VNA). The intent is to provide engineers with frequency domain background, an in-depth view of how a time domain display is created from frequency domain data (S-parameters) and how to apply the time domain display to common problems in RF systems.

Application Note 2012-05-02

Using a Network and Impedance Analyzer to Evaluate 13.56 MHz RFID Tags and Readers/Writers
For engineers who work in RFID antenna design and test, this note discusses testing RFID antenna characteristics such as impedance and resonant-frequency with network and impedance analyzers.

Application Note 2012-02-08

ENA Series Network Analyzer Quick Demo Guide - VBA Programming (User Menu)
The ENA series network analyzer quick demo guide, develop VBA program to set up 2-port S-parameter measurement

Demo 2011-07-20

E5061B ENA Series Network Analyzer RF NA Option Quick Demo Guide
The E5061B ENA series network analyzer RF NA options quick demo guide, set up 2-port S-parameter measurement, perform 2-port calibration, measure insertion loss and bandwidth parameters

Demo 2011-07-14

E5071C ENA Series Network Analyzer Quick Demo Guide
The E5071C ENA series network analyzer quick demo guide, set up 2-port S-parameter measurement with setup wizard VBA programwizard VBA program

Demo 2011-07-07

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to the NEW E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer

Promotional Materials 2011-06-28

E5061B ENA Series Network Analyzer LF-RF NA Option Quick Demo Guide
The E5061B ENA series network analyzer LF-RF NA option quick demo guide, impedance measurement (series-thru method, GP port), calibration at fixture, equivalent circuit analysis

Demo 2011-06-24

ENA Series Network Analyzer Express Configuration Technical Overview
Technical overview of ENA series network analyzer – express configuration

Technical Overview 2011-06-10

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