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Lightwave Test Systems

For manufacturers in multiple industries worldwide, Keysight's system-based solutions provide the lowest-risk implementation and deployment and are backed by Keysight expertise and credibility.

Keysight offers a wide range of innovative test-and-measurement solutions to accelerate the progress of next-generation high-bandwidth optical networks. Keysight's mission in the optical market is to shorten time to market and reduce cost of test for customers in R&D and manufacturing. In addition, Keysight enables new technologies that include 40 Gb/s optical components, network elements and systems, and all-optical fiber networks.

  • E2142A Pigtailed Passive Component Test System E2142A Pigtailed Passive Component Test System 

    E2142A Pigtailed Passive Component Test System

    This system optically characterizes passive components after they have been pigtailed and packaged, and it is designed for both high performance and high uptime.

  • JS-1500 Performance Jitter Solution JS-1500 Performance Jitter Solution 

    JS-1500 Performance Jitter Solution

    The JS-1500 is a design verification system enabling R & D engineers to easily and fully characterize components to SONET/SDH/OTN as well as datacom standards and beyond.