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LCR Meter & Impedance Measurement Product Accessories

LCR Meter Accessories

Keysight Technologies offers a variety of accessories (LCR Meters, Impedance Analyzers, Capacitance Meters and Network Analyzer) suitable for many applications. They are designed to make measurements simple and reliable.

For example, a mechanically and electrically precise test fixture is required to measure the impedance of SMD components. For this measurement, Keysight offers dedicated SMD test fixtures for impedance measurement instruments that minimize the measurement errors. Also, specially designed fixtures for other applications (such as dc bias test, dielectric material test, and others) are available.

Benefits of Keysight Impedance Measurement Product and LCR Meter Accessories

Each accessory is designed to ensure highly accurate measurements without degrading the performance of the measurement instrument.

  • Minimum residual error preserves the accuracy of the measurement instruments.
  • Clearly defined error compensation allows easy calculation of error corrections.
  • Strict measurement specifications, such as test frequencies and signal levels provide safe and accurate measurements.

Keysight accessories facilitate a shorter time-to-market with increased confidence by providing accurate and repeatable measurements.

Download the selection guide: Find the best combination of the test accessory and the new impedance analyzer for your application

Accessories Selection Guide For Impedance Measurements

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LCR Meter & Impedance Measurement Product Accessories [Discontinued]
This page provides product support information for discontinued and obsolete impedance measurement accessories.