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Power Meter and Power Sensor Accessories

Accessories support the various Keysight power meters and sensors. The range calibrators are necessary instruments for the calibration of the 432A, E1416A, 70100A, EPM and EPM-P power meters, while the sensor cables are associated with certain sensors, and come in choices of length to suit different applications.

For more information about power meters and power sensors, please visit Keysight’s power meters and power sensors

For more information about Power Meter and Power Sensor, please visit Power Meter & Power Sensor


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  • 11708A 30 dB Attenuator Pad (at 50 MHz) 11708A 30 dB Attenuator Pad (at 50 MHz) 

    11708A 30 dB Attenuator Pad (at 50 MHz)

    The 11708A 30 dB attenuator is supplied with 8480 series power sensors with the "D" suffix, for calibration with the power meter's 0 dBm, 50 MHz reference.

  • Power Meter & Power Sensor Options Power Meter & Power Sensor Options 

    Power Meter & Power Sensor Options

    Power meters and power sensors options, battery operation and more

  • Power Sensor Cables Power Sensor Cables 

    Power Sensor Cables

    The power sensor cables provide the physical connection between the power meter and sensor.

  • Range Calibrators Range Calibrators 

    Range Calibrators

    The range calibrators comprise the 11683A and the 8477A. They provide verification of full scale meter readings on all ranges and meter tracking for all Keysight power meters.