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Application Engineering Services

  • Digital Design & Test Services Digital Design & Test Services 

    Digital Design & Test Services

    Logic analyzers, PCI/PCI-X/PCI-Express, custom tool design, probing, measurement debug...

  • Education Tool Kits Education Tool Kits 

    Education Tool Kits

    Measurement and experimentation equipment suitable as teaching tools integrated with training presentation materials. Choose from RF or Lightwave topics...

  • Network Analyzer Services Network Analyzer Services 

    Network Analyzer Services

    Understanding VNA measurements, accuracy improvement, fixtures design, uncertainty analysis, time domain...

  • Test Automation Services Test Automation Services 

    Test Automation Services

    System design, code development, test optimization, data management...

  • Wireless Communication Services Wireless Communication Services 

    Wireless Communication Services

    Wireless LAN, MCPA test, measurement capability, custom waveforms, noise figure analyzer...

  • Instrument Migration and Planning Services Instrument Migration and Planning Services 

    Instrument Migration and Planning Services

    Expert consultation for your test application migration strategy