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Instrument Racks & Rack Accessories

electronics enclosure and racks for test equipment from Keysight

Electronics Enclosure & Rack for Test Equipment

Keysight Technologies offers 19-inch EIA (Electronics Industries Association) rack cabinets tailored to meet the needs of test and measurement instrumentation customers.

Our electronic racks and enclosure are specifically designed for Keysight’s test and measurement equipment. They will also accommodate non-Keysight equipment making them suitable for a mixed instrument environment. Rack mounting is fast and easy with unique design features. A selection of options and accessories provides flexibility to meet the vast majority of racking applications

Most all the rack mount kits and accessories in the Enclosures catalog are intended for use only in Keysight racks because of the 24 inch internal post spacing. Exceptions are the flange kits, feedthrough and filler panels, and end bracket kits, which will go into any "standard" EIA enclosure since they only attach to the front and not rear posts. Click the link as below to learn more about electronic rack and enclosure for test equipments.

Product Catalog for Racks and Enclosure Solutions

  • Instrument Rack Accessories Instrument Rack Accessories 

    Instrument Rack Accessories

    A selection of rack accessories provides flexibility to meet the vast majority of racking applications.

  • Instrument Racks Instrument Racks 

    Instrument Racks

    Keysight racks have been designed and engineered to save you time and money

  • Rackmount Kits and Components Rackmount Kits and Components 

    Rackmount Kits and Components

    • Keysight rackmount kits
    • Provide solutions for mounting monitors, keyboards, and products into Keysight racks

  • Small Parts, Cables, and Adapters for Racks Small Parts, Cables, and Adapters for Racks 

    Small Parts, Cables, and Adapters for Racks

    • Provides a variety of small parts
    • Cables and adapters to complete your racks and enclosures solution.

Discontinued Instrument Racks & Accessories [Discontinued]
Product support information for discontinued racks & accessories...