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Discontinued Processor and Bus Support Products

Product support information for your discontinued and obsolete Processor and Bus Support products.

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W3630A Series DDR3 BGA Probes for Logic Analyzers and Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
Keysight DDR3 BGA probe for logic analyzer and scope enables viewing of data traffic on industry standard DDR3 DIMMs and embedded DDR3 design with the Keysight 16900 Series logic analysis system and 80000/90000 Series scope.

Data Sheet 2017-12-02

Probing Solutions for Logic Analyzers - Data Sheet
A total overview of the probing solutions for logic analyzer applications. In addition, technical information is provided to help the customer understand how these probes are deployed.

Data Sheet 2017-08-07

W2630 Series DDR2 BGA Probes for Logic Analyzers and Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
Keysight W2630A series DDR2 BGA probes for logic analyzers and oscilloscopes enable viewing of data traffic on industry standard DDR2 DRAMs with the Agilent 16900 Series logic analysis system and Infiniium 80000 Series oscilloscopes.

Data Sheet 2017-04-07

U4154A AXIe-based Logic Analyzer Module - Data Sheet
The U4154A AXIe-based logic analyzer system combines reliable data capture with powerful analysis and validation tools to help you validate and debug high speed digital designs operating up to 4 Gb/s.

Data Sheet 2017-02-24

W2637A and W2638A LPDDR BGA Probes / W2639A Oscilloscope Adapter Board User's Guide
This manual details the user information for the W2637A / W2638A LPDDR BGA probes as well as the W2639A Oscilloscope Adapter Board.

User Manual 2016-08-01

Keysight W2630 Series DDR2 DRAM BGA Probes Installation Guide
Instructions for connecting and using the DDR BGA probes.

Installation Manual 2016-08-01

N5413B and N5413C DDR2 and LPDDR2 Compliance Test Application – Data Sheet
The N5413B DDR2 and LPDDR2 compliance test application provides a fast and easy way to test, debug and characterize your DDR2 and LPDDR2 designs.

Data Sheet 2016-04-15

16800 Series Portable Logic Analyzers - Data Sheet
The 16800 Series logic analyzers give you more measurement capabilities to overcome your toughest digital debug challenges - without spending more. 8 fixed configuration models offer 34, 68, 102, 136, or 204 channels of logic analysis. 3 of the 8 models also include a built-in 48-channel logic analyzer. Large, 15 inch display is standard. Touch screen is optional.

Data Sheet 2015-03-20

DDR Memory Design and Test Overview
Brief overview of Keysight solutions for DDR design and test.

Brochure 2012-12-19

DDR Memory Design and Test – A Better Way
Keysight offers the complete solutions for all areas of DDR design, meeting your needs for electrical physical layer, protocol layer, and functional test.

Brochure 2012-12-19

B4623B Bus Decoder for LPDDR, LPDDR2, or LPDDR3 Debug and Validation - Data Sheet
The B4623B protocol-decode software translates Translates acquired signals into easily understood bus transactions showing associated data bursts for LPDDR, LPDDR2, LPDDR3 at full bus data rates.

Data Sheet 2012-09-03

Frequently Asked Questions B4655A FPGA Dynamic Probe for Xilinx -Data Sheet
Keysight's FPGA dynamic probe for Xilinix FPGA's provides greater real-time measurement productivity for logic-analysis based validation of FPGAs and the surrounding system. The tool features: increased visibility, faster probing changes, and automatic setup of the logic analyzer.

Data Sheet 2011-03-23

B4655A FPGA Dynamic Probe for Xilinx - Data Sheet
Collaborative development between Keysight and Xilinx have produced a faster and more effective way to use your logic analyzer to debug FPGAs and the surrounding system. The Keysight PFGA dynamic probe, used in conjunction with a Keysight logic analyzer, provides the most effective solution for simple through complex debugging.

Data Sheet 2011-03-18

B4622A DDR2/3 Protocol Compliance and Analysis Tool - Data Sheet
The Keysight B4622A Protocol compliance and analysis tool enables automation of the measurement of your deep DDR bus trace to help you quickly identify protocol problem area and also gives you an overview of your system performance.

Data Sheet 2011-03-14

DDR3 DIMM Probing for use with the 16900 Series Logic Analyzer
The probing solution enables viewing of data traffic on industry standard DDR3 DIMMS with the Keysight 16900 Series logic analysys system.

Data Sheet 2009-02-01

Keysight N4835A DDR3 DIMM Interposer Installation Guide
Instructions for installing the N4835A interposer.

Installation Manual 2008-05-01

Agilent Technologies and Xilinx to Redefine High-Speed Serial I/O Link Test with New Solution

Press Materials 2007-01-29

Testing and Optimizing High-Speed Serial Links with the Keysight E5910A serial link optimizer

Technical Overview 2007-01-16

FSI-60112 PCI Express Packet Analysis Probe
PCI Express solution for lane debug and packet trigger...

Configuration Guide 2006-12-12

Keysight E9524A MicroBlaze Trace Toolset

Data Sheet 2006-09-28

Keysight Technologies FSI-60112 Packet Analysis Probe for PCI Express

Data Sheet 2006-09-28

Keysight N4234A 0.5MM 4X RPACK Probe User's Guide
Instructions for installing and connecting N4234A probes.

User Manual 2006-02-07

Keysight N4237A DDR2 DRAM BGA Probe User’s Guide
Instructions for connecting the N4237A probe to a DRAM BGA footprint and to a logic analyzer.

User Manual 2006-02-07

Keysight N4235A AMB Parametric Test Fixture User's Guide
Instructions for connecting and configuring the N4235A fixture.

User Manual 2006-02-07

Keysight Technologies N4220B Packet Analysis Probe
The Keysight Technologies N4220B packet analysis probe combined with a 16700/16900 Series logic analysis system help digital design engineers troubleshoot the transaction and data links of PCI Express designs.

Technical Overview 2005-12-22


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