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Testmobile Carts & Accessories

Going places? Sharing instruments? Keysight testmobiles are designed to transport instruments and all of their associated cables and accessories, whether it's across the hall or to the other side of the building. So instead of bringing the test to the test equipment, use a Keysight cart to take the test equipment to the test.

  • 35181KZ Testmobile Work Surface 35181KZ Testmobile Work Surface 

    35181KZ Testmobile Work Surface

    The Keysight 35181KZ attaches to a testmobile tilt tray to provide a surface for instrument accessories and for writing.

  • 35181E Antistatic Mat for Work Surface 35181E Antistatic Mat for Work Surface 

    35181E Antistatic Mat for Work Surface

    The Keysight Technologies 35181E testmobile anti-static mat for the 35181K work surface provides electrostatic discharge protection...

  • 35181HZ Testmobile Printer/Plotter Stand 35181HZ Testmobile Printer/Plotter Stand 

    35181HZ Testmobile Printer/Plotter Stand

    The Keysight 35181HZ allows for a printer or plotter to be mounted onto the top of a system or instrument cart.

  • 1180CZ Testmobile Scope Cart 1180CZ Testmobile Scope Cart 

    1180CZ Testmobile Scope Cart

    The Keysight 1180CZ provides convenient mobility of test equipment.

Testmobile Carts & Accessories [Supprimé]
This page provides additional information for discontinued Keysight Testmobile Carts & Accessories