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Logic Analyzer General Purpose Probes and Cables

Your logic analyzer measurement is only as accurate and reliable as your probing. Keysight­s probes provide a robust, reliable connection between your Keysight logic analyzer and the system under test. They are easy to connect and are electrically and mechanically unobtrusive, giving you unsurpassed measurement accuracy. In addition, Keysight offers a wide variety of probing accessories that support your general-purpose and application specific measurement needs.

Flying Lead Probes

Flying Lead Probes
Measure individual signals physically far apart or located where a probe connector hasn­t been designed in. A wide variety of accessories provide the flexibility to connect to IC pins, traces, pads, vias, and any signal that resides on the surface of the board.


Soft Touch Connectorless Probes

Soft Touch Connectorless Probes
Reduce cost and shorten your design cycle by eliminating probing connectors. Keysight­s proprietary micro spring-pin technology provides reliable contact to signal pads even when probing uneven or contaminated circuit board surfaces. The probes ensure signal quality with < 0.7 pF of capacitive loading. They are also compatible with all surface finishes, including lead free.


Connector Probes - Samtec

Connector Probes – Samtec
This high-performance connector solution supports data rates up to 1.5 Gb/s. The probe requires a 100-pin Samtec connector designed into your target system.


Connector Probes - Mictor

Connector Probes – Mictor
This reliable and cost-effective connector solution supports data rates up to 600 Mb/s. The probe requires a 38-pin Mictor connector designed into your target system.


On Chip Probes - FPGAs

On Chip Probes – FPGAs
This virtual probing method for Xilinx and Altera FPGAs provides access to as many as 256 internal FPGA signals for each FPGA pin dedicated to debug. You can move internal probe points in seconds without design changes. Automated pin mapping shortens measurement setup time and eliminates unintentional mistakes.



Connector Probes - ZIF
This ZIF probes provide convenient and reliable connection to the W2630 Series DDR2 DRAM BGA probes

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