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Data Acquisition – DAQ

DAQ System – More than 25 years of Leadership

Keysight has provided data acquisition (DAQ) and switching solutions for more than 25 years. We provide data acquisition solutions for electrical, physical, mechanical, acoustic and signal routing applications up to 50GHz.

Compare data acquisition (DAQ) switch platforms

Define a switching solution with switches, controllers and accessories.

  • Get the Best Value with high quality switching and measurements in compact, cost effective solutions
  • Use on Industry Standards with modular LXI and USB solutions
  • Use the Keysight’s Pathwave BenchVue DAQ Application Software to collect, analyze and present your data real-time

Check out Keysight's 4-channel simultaneous sampling digitizer module that works with the DAQ970A or DAQ973A data acquisition system - sample more signals, faster, and dynamically!

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Data Acquisition / Switch Solutions Catalog
Gather, organize and control data like never before or, see the New Era of Data Acquisition - DAQ Catalog

Catalog 2020-07-30