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Data Acquisition – DAQ

DAQ System – More than 25 years of Leadership

Keysight has provided data acquisition (DAQ) and switching solutions for more than 25 years. We provide data acquisition solutions for electrical, physical, mechanical, acoustic and signal routing applications up to 50GHz.

Compare data acquisition (DAQ) switch platforms

Define a switching solution with switches, controllers and accessories.

  • Get the Best Value with high quality switching and measurements in compact, cost effective solutions
  • Use on Industry Standards with modular LXI and VXI solutions
  • Use the Keysight’s Application Software to collect, analyze and present your data real-time

Check out Keysight next-generation multi-channel data acquisition (DAQ) system — sample more signals, faster!

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Custom Switch Matrices
Over a period of more than ten years, Keysight has developed a standard design and manufacturing process for making high performance custom switch matrices. Keysight designs matrices that are optimized for your application and specifications. This Product Note describes what a switch matrix does...

Application Note 2001-01-17

VXI Test System Signal Switching
Test System Signal Switching One of the most complex tasks in automating a test system is ensuring that measurement accuracy is not compromised by the test and power signals....

Application Note 2000-01-01

Environmental Test of Automotive Radio and Engine Controllers (AN 1270-11)
Automotive components such as radios and engine controllers are tested to environmental limits using HP Automatic Test Systems to control the environmental chamber and test the components therein. See Application Note 1270-11 attached to this page for more information.

Application Note 1995-06-01


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