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Data Acquisition – DAQ

Data Acquisition System – More than 25 years of Leadership

Keysight Technologies has provided data acquisition (DAQ) and switching solutions for more than twenty-five years. We provide data acquisition solutions for electrical, physical, mechanical, acoustic and signal routing applications up to 50GHz.

Compare data acquisition (DAQ) switch platforms

Define a switching solution with switches, controllers and accessories.

  • Get the Best Value with high quality switching and measurements in compact, cost effective solutions
  • Use on Industry Standards with modular LXI and VXI solutions
  • Use the Keysight’s Application Software to collect, analyze and present your data real-time

Check out our next-generation multi-channel data acquisition (DAQ) system — sample more signals, faster!

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DAQ970A Data Acquisition System - Product Fact Sheet
Product Fact Sheet describing key features of the Keysight DAQ970A

Promotional Materials 2019-07-08

Sample More Signals, Faster Data Acquisition (DAQ) System - Flyer
Introducing the next generation DAQ970A data acquisition system.

Brochure 2018-10-02