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Data Acquisition – DAQ

DAQ System – More than 25 years of Leadership

Keysight has provided data acquisition (DAQ) and switching solutions for more than 25 years. We provide data acquisition solutions for electrical, physical, mechanical, acoustic and signal routing applications up to 50GHz.

Compare data acquisition (DAQ) switch platforms

Define a switching solution with switches, controllers and accessories.

  • Get the Best Value with high quality switching and measurements in compact, cost effective solutions
  • Use on Industry Standards with modular LXI and VXI solutions
  • Use the Keysight’s Application Software to collect, analyze and present your data real-time

Check out Keysight next-generation multi-channel data acquisition (DAQ) system — sample more signals, faster!

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DAQ970A Data Acquisition System - Product Fact Sheet
Product Fact Sheet describing key features of the Keysight DAQ970A

Promotional Materials 2019-07-08

DAQ970A Data Acquisition/System - Technical Overview
The Keysight DAQ970A offers unequaled versatility for your data acquisition applications.

Technical Overview 2019-05-08

DAQ970A Data Acquisition System Programming Guide
DAQ970A Data Acquisition System Programming Guide

Programming and Syntax Guide 2019-03-07

DAQ970A Data Acquisition System Service Guide
DAQ970A Data Acquisition System Service Guide

User Manual 2019-02-21

DAQ970A Data Acquisition 3D Model, STEP Format
This is a STEP format 3D Model of the DAQ970A Data Acquisition.

Technical Overview 2018-12-05

DAQ970A Data Acquisition System User's Guide
DAQ970A Data Acquisition System User's Guide

User Manual 2018-11-01

DAQ970A Data Acquisition System Security Guide
DAQ970A Data Acquisition System Security Guide

User Manual 2018-11-01

Comparisons: DAQ970A to 34970A and 34972A Data Acquisition System - White Paper
This paper provides a comparison of the next generation DAQ970A and, the 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition Systems.

Application Note 2018-10-30

Sample More Signals, Faster Data Acquisition (DAQ) System - Flyer
Introducing the next generation DAQ970A data acquisition system.

Brochure 2018-10-02

Fast Thermal Characterization and Testing Your Electronic Devices - White Paper
Fast thermal characterization and testing gives you the advantage of quick and qualitative insight into your products’ characteristics, the ability to troubleshoot and fine-tune the performance, and the capability to perform additional iterative testing. Learn how to predict and preview operating temperature performance of your product. Learn how to use a DAQ data acquisition system as a data logger to make temperature measurements on your product.

Application Note 2018-09-21

Temperature Data Logging: Making the right choice with a Data Acquisition System - White Paper
Consider using a DAQ as a temperature data logger due to its flexibility to make multiple temperature measurements, choice of sensor types with high accuracy, the ability to measure other signal types, easy to configure and automate testing without programming.

Application Note 2018-08-29

4 Things to Consider When Using a DAQ as a Data Logger
Product designs keep increasing in complexity. So do product test requirements. Learn how to improve test development cycle time, choose the right setup to optimize your test time, and improve the accuracy of your data acquisition test system.

Application Note 2018-08-07

How to Optimize Measurement Speed of Your DAQ - White Paper
This white paper will show you how to optimize the measurement speed of a midrange DAQ system, Keysight’s DAQ970A system, to meet most of your design validation tests. You will learn how to choose the right hardware and configuration settings that will help you optimize your measurement and transactional speed.

Application Note 2018-07-17