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Data Acquisition – DAQ

DAQ System – More than 25 years of Leadership

Keysight Technologies has provided data acquisition (DAQ) and switching solutions for more than twenty-five years. We provide data acquisition solutions for electrical, physical, mechanical, acoustic and signal routing applications up to 50GHz.

Compare data acquisition (DAQ) switch platforms

Define a switching solution with switches, controllers and accessories.

  • Get the Best Value with high quality switching and measurements in compact, cost effective solutions
  • Use on Industry Standards with modular LXI and VXI solutions
  • Use the Keysight’s Application Software to collect, analyze and present your data real-time

Check out our next-generation multi-channel data acquisition (DAQ) system — sample more signals, faster!

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Bench and System Switching Products
Whether you use switching to route signals for design verification applications or for complex automated functional test systems, reliable and repeatable switching is critical for your measurement accuracy.

Brochure 2012-04-27

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Comparing the Keysight 34980A and PXI for Switch Measurement Applications
This application note provides a comparison between PXI cardcage solutions and a combined system, the Keysight 34980A switch/measure unit, so you can determine which platform best meets your needs for electronic functional test and data acquisition.

Notes d’application 2012-04-27

Modular Products PXI Modules, I/O Libraries and IVI Switch driver
The purpose of this technical overview is to show how Keysight PXI switches can be used with National Instruments Switch Executive.

Présentation technique 2012-04-18

Making Good Thermocouple Measurements
This application note provides tips for optimizing thermocouple measurements in a noisy environment.

Notes d’application 2012-01-26

Selecting the Correct Temperature Sensor for Your Application
This application note provides tips for selecting the correct temperature sensor.

Notes d’application 2012-01-25

82350B Getting Started Guide
This setup poster guides you through the installation and setup of your 82350B.

Guide de démarrage rapide 2012-01-01

PXI Product on YouTube
PXI Product on YouTube

Démonstration de base 2011-12-22

Design Tutorial: E5061B ENA Custom Multiport Switch Solution Using L4491A
This application note describes how to configure a 12-port custom switch box with the L4491A switch platform and operation basics using the E5061B network analyzer.

Notes d’application 2011-11-29

U2700A Series USB Modular Instruments Quick Fact Sheet
This quick fact sheet highlights the key product features and specifications of the U2700A series USB modular instruments.

Matériel de promotion 2011-11-14

Capture an IV Curve of a Solar Panel - Solar Module Test
The 34972A is used to log panel temperature while a N6784A SMU is used to characterize the IV curves.

Démonstration de base 2011-10-05

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Remote Data Acquisition Using a Cellular Router
The 34972A can easily be connected to a cellular router and make measurements remotely anywhere that has cellular access.

Démonstration de base 2011-10-05

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Making Humidity Measurements Using 34972A and Data Logging
It is easy to make humidity measurements using the 34972A with an electronic hygrometer to log data.

Démonstration de base 2011-10-05

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Data Logging via USB with 34972A Data Acquisition System
See three different methods to log data using USB and the 34972A.

Démonstration de base 2011-10-05

QT QT 71.52 KB
34972A Data Acquisition using a Wireless Router and Mobile App
Remote data acquisition using a 300Mbps Wireless N Travel Router with a free 34972A DAQ application for your iPhone or iPad.

Démonstration de base 2011-10-05

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34826A BenchLink Data Logger for Keysight 34980A Data Sheet
This product overview of the 34826A BenchLink Data Logger Software contains information on key features, system specifications, as well as supported instruments and ordering information.

Fiche signalétique 2011-08-11

34832A BenchLink Data Logger Pro Software for Keysight 34980A Data Sheet
The 34832A BenchLink DataLogger Pro Software for the Keysight 34980A provides a convenient way to collect and analyze your data.

Fiche signalétique 2011-07-18

34830A BenchLink Data Logger Pro Software for Keysight 34970 Data Sheet
The Keysight 34830A BenchLink DataLogger Pro Software for the Keysight 34970A provides a convenient way to collect and analyze your data.

Fiche signalétique 2011-07-18

PXI Switch Module IVI Driver Help
Describes the IVI Driver (MSwitch) for the Keysight PXI RF, General purpose, Matrix, and Multiplexer switch modules.

Fichier d'aide 2011-04-18

BenchLink Data Logger 3 Getting Started Guide
This getting started tutorial introduces you to the BenchLink Data Logger 3 and shows you how to connect to one or more 34970's, set up a simple channel configuration, scan channels and measure data, and much more.

Guide de démarrage rapide 2011-03-01

Making High-Accuracy Temperature Measurements with the 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition Switch Unit
This application note explains how to wire the VTI Instruments VT1586A rack-mount panel and use it to make high-accuracy temperature measurements with a 34970A, 34972A and 34901A 20-channel multiplexer module.

Notes d’application 2011-01-10

Switching Solutions
This paper discusses Keysight's complete line of switching solutions. Switch components are introduced, followed by the various scale of switch matrix that is required in RF and microwave testing.

Notes d’application 2010-11-18

U2100A Series Digital IO, 32-Terminal Devices Datasheet
This family data sheet will give you the technical information you need to know about Keysight's U2100A Series Digital IO, 32-Terminal.

Fiche signalétique 2010-07-10

Select &Compare for all modules

Guide de sélection 2010-06-13

Efficient use of data logging and decision making w multiple scan lists
Basic data logging allows you to confi gure different measurements across multiple channels, then record the data.

Notes d’application 2010-04-07

Types of Data Acquisition Architectures
To help you choose a system that meets your needs, this article explains the different types of data acquisition system architectures and explores some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Notes d’application 2010-02-01

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