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Receivers and Sensors

Choose the optical receiver that meets your system performance and layout requirements. Add sensors for automatic compensation for environmental changes.

  • 10780C Receiver 10780C Receiver 

    10780C Receiver

    A highly-sensitive, low-cost receiver used with laser interferometer positioning systems.

  • 10780F Remote Receiver 10780F Remote Receiver 

    10780F Remote Receiver

    Remote receiver offers fiber-optics pickups for maximum layout flexibility in laser interferometer positioning systems.

  • E1708A Remote Dynamic Receiver E1708A Remote Dynamic Receiver 

    E1708A Remote Dynamic Receiver

    The Keysight E1708A Remote Dynamic Receiver is designed for use in demanding applications requiring sub-nanometer resolution of systems in motion...

  • E1709A Remote High Performance Receiver E1709A Remote High Performance Receiver 

    E1709A Remote High Performance Receiver

    The Keysight E1709A Remote High Performance Receiver is for use in the most demanding applications requiring sub-nanometer measurement resolution...