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RF & Microwave Test Accessories

Keysight RF and microwave test accessories simplify test setups and give you the best possible measurement results.

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11612BK01 Product Note
The 11612BK01 is a 50 GHz Bias Tee with high bias current (2 amps max) capability. This Bias Module has 2.4 mm female connectors on the RF Input and RF + DC Output connectors. The start frequency is 400 MHz due to the effects of the changes to the bias coil windings that are needed for 2-amp operation.

User Manual 2016-08-12

11612B Bias Network Operating and Service Manual
11612B Bias Network Operating and Service Manual

User Manual 2001-11-09

11612A Bias Network Operating and Service Manual (Dec89)
Attached to this page is the downloadable Operating and Service Manual for the Keysight 11612A bias network, and includes Option 001.

User Manual 2001-10-31