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DC Electronic Loads

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Product Type Input Voltage Input Current Power GPIB
N3302A N3302A
Module 0-60 V 0-30 A 150 W Yes
N3303A N3303A
Module 0-240 V 0-10 A 250 W Yes
N3304A-J01 N3304A-J01
Module 0-80 V 0-60 A 300 W Yes
N3304A N3304A
Module 0-60 V 0-60 A 300 W Yes
N3305A N3305A
Module 0-150 V 0-60 A 500 W Yes
N3306A N3306A
Module 0-60 V 0-120 A 600 W Yes
N3307A N3307A
Module 0-150 V 0-30 A 250 W Yes