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Mobile Communications DC Sources (45 W, 100 W): 663xx Series

Use this family of specialized DC power sources to test your digital wireless appliances. All models offer DC sourcing, current sinking, fast transient response, GPIB, and measurement capabilities to help you with the unique challenges of simulating batteries and battery packs and measuring the current drawn by your device under test.

Use Keysight Direct's side-by-side comparison to find the power supply that's right for you, and get a Quick Quote on-line immediately.

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  • 14565B_B0101_sm.gif 14565U Device Characterization Software Upgrade [Obsolete] 

    14565U Device Characterization Software Upgrade [Obsolete]

    The Keysight 14565U Device Characterization Software is designed for easy evaluation of Portable Battery Powered Device (like 3G handsets, PDA, WLAN, and Bluetooth enable devices) current profiles to ensure long operating life of devices.


  • 14565B_B0101_sm.gif 14565B Device Characterization Software with Test Automation 

    14565B Device Characterization Software with Test Automation

    • Graphical interface
    • 3 modes of operation: waveform capture, data logging, CCDF statistical analysis
    • Measure text copy feature allows full export of data for use in other applications

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