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Wireless Network Emulators

Keysight’s industry-leading range of wireless network emulators and device test solutions enable the entire mobile device ecosystem to accelerate the market introduction of 5G new radio (NR) products by streamlining the workflow from early prototyping, development, and design verification to conformance, carrier acceptance, and high-volume manufacturing.

Leading chipset manufacturers, device makers and mobile operators use Keysight’s first-to-market end-to-end wireless network emulator solutions for comprehensive protocol, RF, functional, and performance testing of 5G chipsets and devices. Common development tools allow users to efficiently develop by eliminating siloed data sets and sharing design insights gained across each stage of the wireless device lifecycle. And to address diverse global spectrum requirements, Keysight’s 5G test solutions seamlessly scale in a simple, compact form factor to support FR1 (sub-6GHz) and FR2 (mmWave) frequencies.

Proven in collaborations with the 5G market leaders, Keysight wireless network emulators are uniquely positioned to address new 5G NR challenges related to more bands and bandwidth, mmWave frequencies, higher order MIMO, and beamforming. The solution software continues to evolve rapidly to stay current with the latest 5G and 4G standards. Keysight combines its network emulation solutions with a wide range of purpose-built chambers to deliver comprehensive mobile device performance validation capabilities in over-the-air (OTA) test environments.

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S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset - Technical Overview
S8706A Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset provides comprehensive access to protocol carrier acceptance test plans mandated by the world’s major 5G mobile operators. In this document we will describe the graphical user interface and functionality provided by Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset in more detail. We will also describe the hardware platform on which Protocol Carrier Acceptance Toolset is run.

Technical Overview 2020-05-13

Enabling Device Troubleshooting - Technical Overview
Technical overview for enabling device troubleshooting for Network Emulation solutions

Technical Overview 2020-05-08

Keysight First to Gain Approval from 3GPP for 5G NR Protocol Test Cases that Support CA
Keysight’s 5G network emulation solution supports the widest range of protocol conformance test cases validated by the Global Certification Forum

Press Materials 2020-05-04

S8704A Protocol Conformance Toolset - Technical Overview
S8704A Protocol Conformance Toolset (PCT) gives you access to the latest 3GPP defined protocol conformance tests. It provides an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface in which you can create campaigns of tests, set PICS/PIXIT parameters, view logs and create reports. In this document we will describe the graphical user interface and functionality provided by Protocol Conformance Toolset in more detail. We will also describe the hardware platform on which Protocol Conformance Toolset is run.

Technical Overview 2020-04-20

S8705A RF/RRM DVT and Conformance Toolset - Technical Overview
S8705A is an integrated solution that enables RF performance testing of 5G devices against reference conformance and acceptance test plans (FR1 and FR2) and supports test cases for C-V2X.

Technical Overview 2020-04-15

E6950A eCall Conformance Test Solution - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide helps you configure your eCall test reference solution with the E7515A UXM Wireless Test Set with PSAP software, and N5172B EXG X-Series RF Vector Signal Generator with N7609B.

Configuration Guide 2020-02-12

Benchmark 5G Devices in the Lab
S8710A 5G Device Benchmarking Toolset enables standardized lab-based end-to-end automation of 5G device benchmarking with a predefined set of test cases, customizable scripts, and extensive reports.

Demo 2020-02-11

Nemo 5G Device Analytics - Flyer

Brochure 2020-02-06

S8710A Device Benchmarking Toolset - Technical Overview

Technical Overview 2020-02-05

Enables Major U.S. Mobile Operators to Accelerate 5G with Leading Number of 5G Device Test Cases
Keysight delivers more than 600 validated test cases to support 5G new radio (NR) device acceptance plans

Press Materials 2020-01-30

Develop C-V2X with Confidence as 5G Evolves

Demo 2020-01-23

SA8700 C-V2X Test Solution
This document provides information about how to configure for C-V2X Test Solution

Configuration Guide 2020-01-14

PROPSIM FS16 Channel Emulation Solution – F8820A - Data Sheet
End-to-end real world performance testing of wireless devices in the lab.

Data Sheet 2020-01-13

PDF PDF 696.59 KB
Sky5® LiTE Complete Front-end System for 5G, tested with Keysight 5G Test Application Framework
Watch a video demonstration of Skyworks Sky5® LiTE solution. The video shows great performance on key RF parameters including transmit power, waveform performance and EVM. Results obtained through test with Keysight 5G Test Application Framework using Keysight E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform.

Demo 2020-01-09

Nemo Outdoor - Brochure
This 2-page brochure introduces key features and benefits of Nemo Outdoor.

Brochure 2020-01-09

E1968A GSM/GPRS/EGPRS Test Application - Technical Overview
This technical overview for the E1968A test application highlights key benefits, functionality, operating modes, and technical specifications.

Technical Overview 2019-12-10

PROPSIM F64 Radio Channel Emulator F8800A - Data Sheet
The PROPSIM F64 emulates dynamic radio channels between transmitters and receivers and is thus independent of system technology or signal modulations. Its capabilities are designed for end-to-end realistic and repeatable real-world performance testing of 5G multi-mode devices and base stations in the laboratory to accelerate successful 5G rollouts.

Data Sheet 2019-12-02

Keysight First to Achieve 3GPP C-V2X Radio Frequency Conformance Test Case Validation
Keysight solutions enable the automotive industry to accelerate commercialization of connected cars and autonomous vehicles

Press Materials 2019-11-25

Qualcomm Extend 5G Collaboration to Accelerate Commercialization of DSS Technology

Press Materials 2019-11-25

Keysight, Sprint Collaborate to Accelerate Commercial Deployment of 5G Technology

Press Materials 2019-11-19

Keysight Technologies Enables the Global Certification Forum to Certify 5G New Radio Mobile Devices

Press Materials 2019-11-04

Keysight’s Lucas Hansen Tntroduces the World’s First 5G NR Network Emulator
Lucas Hansen, Sr. Director, 5G & Chipset Business Segment at Keysight Technologies, introduces Keysight's first-to-market 5G New Radio (NR) network emulation solutions at 5G Tech Connect. The solutions allow users to prototype and develop 5G NR chipsets and devices by verifying advanced 5G NR features (e.g., beamforming) across global spectrum requirements.

Demo 2019-10-17

The Power of Emulation – Part 1 - White Paper
Car makers are reducing design cycle time by emulating components and subsystems to ensure design and functional integrity for Connected Car and ADAS applications.

Application Note 2019-10-15

5G Conformance Test Solutions Selected by Bureau Veritas for Global 5G NR Device Certification
Enables leading test house to address 5G radio frequency (RF) conformance test requirements in sub-6GHz and mmWave frequencies

Press Materials 2019-10-08

PCTEST Address Critical Regulatory Requirements for FCC Testing & Certification of 5G Mobile Devices
Leading test house uses Keysight’s 5G network emulation solutions to deliver over-the-air (OTA) test services in mmWave frequency spectrum

Press Materials 2019-10-02

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