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Wireless Network Emulators

Keysight’s industry leading wireless network emulators enable the entire mobile device ecosystem to accelerate delivery of 5G new radio (NR) products to market by streamlining the workflow from early prototyping, development, and design verification to conformance, carrier acceptance, and high volume manufacturing.

Leading chipset and device makers, as well as mobile operators, use Keysight’s first-to-market end-to-end wireless network emulator solutions for comprehensive protocol, RF, functional, and performance testing of 5G chipsets and devices. Common development tools allow users to efficiently develop by eliminating siloed data sets and sharing design insights gained across each stage of the wireless device lifecycle. And to address diverse global spectrum requirements, Keysight’s 5G test solutions seamlessly scale in a simple, compact form factor to support FR1 (sub-6GHz) and FR2 (mmWave) frequencies.

Proven in collaborations with the 5G market leaders, Keysight wireless network emulators are uniquely positioned to address new 5G NR challenges related to more bands and bandwidth, mmWave frequencies, higher order MIMO, and beamforming. The solution software continues to evolve rapidly to stay current with the latest 5G and 4G standards. Keysight combines its network emulation solutions with a wide range of purpose-built chambers to deliver comprehensive mobile device performance validation capabilities in over-the-air (OTA) test environments.

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Anite is now part of Keysight Technologies. Anite’s Device & Infrastructure Testing business now conducts business as Keysight Technologies. Please see below information about Anite Conformance Toolset, Anite SAS Interoperability Testing, Propsim Channel Emulation Solutions, Anite Virtual Drive Testing Toolset and Anite Development Toolset. Please visit  for information related to Anite’s Network Testing business with its Nemo branded solutions.

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E6650A EXF Wireless Test Set For Femtocell - Data Sheet
The EXF is the first one-box tester dedicated to femtocell manufacturing and is validated with the latest cellular and WLAN chipsets. This data sheet provides a summary of key performance parameters.

Data Sheet 2019-08-05

E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Set Getting Started Guide
This manual provides a “Quick Start” introduction to the E7515B UXM 5G Test Set, its front and rear panel functions, its Control Panel application, its operating system, and its Internal Applications Server.

User Manual 2019-08-01

5G Non-Signaling Manufacturing Solution - Solution Brief
Keysight’s 5G non-signaling manufacturing test solution efficiently addresses challenges, enabling the user to verify multiple devices in parallel using an industry-proven platform that supports all bands defined for 5G NR as well as for legacy technologies, including LTE and 802.11ax. Integrated waveform and measurement software based on Keysight’s trusted algorithms delivers accurate test results.

Solution Brief 2019-07-19

The Power of Emulation – Part 1 - White Paper
Car makers are reducing design cycle time by emulating components and subsystems to ensure design and functional integrity for Connected Car and ADAS applications.

Application Note 2019-07-13

E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide explains how to order or upgrade the E6640A EXM wireless test set, enabling you to scale the test solution to ramp up rapidly and optimize full-volume manufacturing.

Configuration Guide 2019-07-11

E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set Getting Started Guide
Getting started information for the E6640A EXM wireless test set.

User Manual 2019-07-01

PXT E6621A LTE Wireless Communications Test Set - Technical Overview
Technical overview containing part numbers, options and specifications for the E6621A PXT LTE wireless communications test set.

Technical Overview 2019-06-28

Keysight Enables Qualcomm to Demonstrate Industry’s First 5G Laptop with Integrated Modem
Keysight’s 5G network emulation solutions used to showcase Qualcomm’s 8cx system-on-a-chip and X55 modem platform for Windows 10.

Press Materials 2019-06-19

M1740A mmWave Transceiver for 5G - Data Sheet
Keysight’s multi-band M1740A remote radio head (RRH) enables users to confidently test over-the-air (OTA) in mmWave frequency bands, including 24, 28, 39 and 40 GHz bands. The M1740A uniquely supports bi-directional testing across four mmWave frequency bands with a single hardware set.

Data Sheet 2019-06-11

mmWave 5G Non-Signaling Solution - Configuration Guide
Keysight’s mmWave 5G non-signaling solution addresses over-the-air (OTA) testing of a broad range of 5G modules. It reduces system cost and development time with a streamlined approach built around a test head that can be re-used across multiple Keysight platforms. The wideband transceiver also ensures consistent results across your workflow, and your product lifecycle, by using proven Keysight X-Series measurement applications that run on most of Keysight’s analysis solutions.

Configuration Guide 2019-06-10

Common Interface Unit E7770A - Data Sheet
Data sheet for Common Interface Unit E7770A

Data Sheet 2019-06-10

Virtual Drive Testing Toolset - Solution Brief
Keysight’s Virtual Drive Testing (VDT) Toolset enables users to evaluate, characterize, and optimize the performance of 5G NR mobile devices, chipsets and network infrastructure. Mobile operators and wireless device and network equipment manufacturers are able to quickly and efficiently benchmark different mobile devices and network infrastructure as well as assess end-users’ experience of accessing mobile applications. As a repeatable, realistic and automated lab-based performance and interoperability test solution, VDT Toolset accelerates new design development from prototype to fully functioning 5G devices.

Brochure 2019-05-31

Mastering 5G Manufacturing - White Paper
Device manufacturers and NEMs must surmount the challenges from 5G NR, MIMO, and mmWave frequencies. They must shift their focus from test case coverage to cost of test and time to market.

Application Note 2019-05-31

E7760B with M1740A mmWave 5G Non-Signaling Solution - Data Sheet
Keysight’s mmWave 5G non-signaling solution enables validation of a broad range of 5G modules in OTA test environments. Its single wideband transceiver (E7760B) and remote radio head (M1740A) provide tunable access across four mmWave frequency bands. Keysight’s mmWave 5G non-signaling solution ensures a streamlined approach to reliably verify transmit and receive paths between IF and mmWave frequencies.

Data Sheet 2019-05-14

E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform Platform - Data Sheet
Data sheet for E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform

Data Sheet 2019-04-24

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X): Shaping the Future of Smart Mobility - White Paper
V2X, or vehicle-to-everything, is a wireless communications system that helps vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and vulnerable road users interconnect and communicate with each other. Learn more about V2X and how it is shaping smart mobility in this white paper.

Application Note 2019-04-15

Keysight Technologies Provides 5G NR Mobile Device Conformance Test Solutions to NTT DOCOMO
Keysight’s scalable 5G solutions support leading Japanese mobile operator in validating 5G NR mobile devices comply to the latest 3GPP standards.

Press Materials 2019-04-10

5G Protocol Conformance Toolset - Technical Overview
5G Protocol Conformance Toolset (PCT) gives you access to the latest 3GPP defined 5G protocol conformance tests. It provides an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface in which you can create campaigns of tests, set PICS/PIXIT parameters, view logs and create reports. In this document we will describe the graphical user interface and functionality provided by Protocol Conformance Toolset in more detail. We will also describe the hardware platform on which Protocol Conformance Toolset is run.

Technical Overview 2019-04-03

Keysight Enables Activation of GCF Certification for 5G New Radio (NR) Standalone Mobile Devices
Keysight’s 5G radio frequency (RF) test coverage accelerates 5G NR mobile device certification for 5G NR standalone mode.

Press Materials 2019-04-02

Keysight's 5G Test Solutions and Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X55 5G Modem
Keysight enables validation of 5G NR multi-mode device designs for both FDD and TDD, accelerating global deployments in all major 3GPP frequency bands

Press Materials 2019-04-01

Keysight, Nordsys Combine V2X/C-V2X Testing Solutions

Demo 2019-03-28

Keysight, Intel Mobile Communications Denmark, Telenor Denmark, Aalborg University Complete Project
Keysight’s virtual drive testing tools help research partners benchmark base stations and mobile devices in field-realistic lab environment.

Press Materials 2019-03-20

Keysight Technologies Assists Motorola Mobility to Commercialize First 5G NR Mobile Device
Keysight's 5G network emulation solutions accelerate first wave of commercial 5G smartphones, delivering faster peak download speeds.

Press Materials 2019-02-20

E7760B Wideband Transceiver - Data Sheet
Streamlined, integrated testing across any 3GPP mmWave band.

Data Sheet 2019-02-07

mmWave 5G Non-Signaling Solution - Solution Brief
Keysight’s mmWave 5G non-signaling solution enables device manufacturers to validate a broad range of 5G modules in OTA test environments. It is built around a remote radio head (mmWave transceiver) that can be re-used across multiple Keysight platforms, reducing system cost and development time. One single M1740A mmWave transceiver provides tunable access across four bands.

Solution Brief 2019-02-01


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