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Materials Test Equipment

Materials testing equipment and testing accessories for determining how dielectric and magnetic materials interact with electromagnetic fields, by calculating permittivity and permeability. Accurate measurements of dielectric and magnetic properties help engineers achieve the best performance for an application, while shortening the design cycle and minimizing material scrap.

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  • N1500A Materials Measurement Suite N1500A Materials Measurement Suite 

    N1500A Materials Measurement Suite

    • Software automates complex permittivity and permeability measurements
    • Flexible option configuration
    • One simple installation program and integrated method option loader switches seamlessly between the different measurement methods

  • N1501A Dielectric Probe Kit N1501A Dielectric Probe Kit 

    N1501A Dielectric Probe Kit

    • Designed to work with N1500A materials measurement suite to measure complex permittivity
    • Best for measuring liquids and conformable solids
    • Flexible option configuration allows you to choose only the hardware you need

  • 85072A 10-GHz Split Cylinder Resonator 85072A 10-GHz Split Cylinder Resonator 

    85072A 10-GHz Split Cylinder Resonator

    The Keysight 85072A 10-GHz split cylinder resonator measures permittivity and loss tangent of thin film, un-clad substrates and low loss sheet materials according to the IPC TM-650 test method.

  • 16451B Dielectric Test Fixture 16451B Dielectric Test Fixture 

    16451B Dielectric Test Fixture

    The 16451B is used to evaluate the dielectric constant of solid dielectric materials accurately, and complies with ASTM D150.

  • 16452A Liquid Test Fixture 16452A Liquid Test Fixture 

    16452A Liquid Test Fixture

    The 16452A provides accurate dielectric constant and impedance measurements of liquid materials.

  • 16453A Dielectric Material Test Fixture 16453A Dielectric Material Test Fixture 

    16453A Dielectric Material Test Fixture

    The 16453A is designed for accurate dielectric constant and loss tangent measurements on the E4991A/4291A/B.

  • 16454A Magnetic Material Test Fixture 16454A Magnetic Material Test Fixture 

    16454A Magnetic Material Test Fixture

    The 16454A is designed for accurate permeability measurements of toroidal-shaped magnetic materials.