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LCR Meters & Impedance Measurement Products

Achieve success with the industry standard for impedance measurements

Hewlett Packard, Agilent and Keysight have contributed innovations and product excellence in impedance analysis for over half a century. Whether your application is in R&D, production, quality assurance, or incoming inspection, we take pride in contributing to your success. We strive to deliver complete solutions to meet your needs, from impedance analyzers to a wide variety of test accessories. Achieve success with Keysight’s impedance measurement solutions.

Looking for the next generation? Check out the E4990A Impedance Analyzer , 20 Hz to 120 MHz, with flexible frequency options

Looking for the industry standard LCR meter? Check out the E4980A and the E4980AL Precision LCR Meter

126-150 of 415

871xE series to ENA 6 series Code Conversion Kit

Programming and Syntax Guide 2012-10-28

Help File - User Manual for E5061B Network Analyzer (Operation and Programming)
The E5061B help system provides easy access to information related to the use of E5061B Network Analyzer. The E5061B help includes the information of Quick Start, Specification, Operation and Programming.

Help File 2012-10-12

U1701A/U1701B Handheld Capacitance Meter - Data Sheet
Keysight handheld capacitance meters expand Keysight's portfolio of handheld tools into electronics assembly and passive components troubleshooting. Keysight now offers its handheld capacitance meter, the U1701B, providing extra capabilities and functionalities.

Data Sheet 2012-09-11

Evaluating DC-DC Converters and PDN with the E5061B LF-RF Network Analyzer
This application note describes measurement methods for evaluating frequency domain characteristics of DC-DC converters and passive PDN components by using the E5061B LF-RF network analyzer.

Application Note 2012-09-03

E4991A RF Impedance/Material Analyzer Programming Manual
This manual provides programming information for performing automatic measurement with the E4991A. It includes an outline of remote control, procedures for detecting measurement start (trigger) and end (sweep end), application programming examples, command reference, and related information.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2012-09-01

E4991U Option 007 Temperature Characteristic Test Kit Upgrade Kit Upgrade Manual
This manual describes the information on the E4991U Option 007 to retrofit the Temperature Characteristic Test Kit to the Keysight E4991A.

User Manual 2012-08-01

4294A Precision Impedance Analyzer Programming Manual
This manual describes how to write and use BASIC program to control the 4294A and describes how HP Instrument BASIC works with the analyzer.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2012-08-01

4287A RF LCR Meter Operation Manual
Most of the basic information necessary for using the 4287A is provided in this manual. It describes installation preparation measurement operation including calibration performances (specifications) and error messages.

User Manual 2012-08-01

E4982AU Option 020 Cable Extension Upgrade Kit Upgrade Manual
The cable extension upgrade kit guide for E4982AU Option 020.

Service Manual 2012-07-01

E4982AU Option 004 Contents List
The contents list for E4982AU Option 004.

Reference Guide 2012-07-01

E4991A RF Impedance/Material Analyzer Installation and Quick Guide
This manual describes installation of the instrument after it is delivered and the basic procedures for applications and analysis. Refer to this manual when you use the E4991A for the first time.

Quick Start Guide 2012-06-01

E4982A Troubleshooting Guide
The troubleshooting guide provides troubleshooting information when operational problems are encountered on the E4982A.

Service Manual 2012-06-01

E4991A RF Impedance/Material Analyzer Operation Manual
This manual describes most of the basic information needed to use the E4991A. It provides a function overview, detailed operation procedure for each function, measurement examples, specifications, and supplemental information.

User Manual 2012-06-01

Complete Digital RF Design and Test Process Fundamentals - Brochure
Keysight provides a number of products for test and design process of digital RF systems. This document briefly outlines 6 fundamental stages of the design and test process as well as short explanation.

Brochure 2012-05-19

Time Domain Analysis With a Network Analyzer Application Note (AN 1287-12)
This document focuses on time domain analysis (displays) generated from vector network analyzers (VNA). The intent is to provide engineers with frequency domain background, an in-depth view of how a time domain display is created from frequency domain data (S-parameters) and how to apply the time domain display to common problems in RF systems.

Application Note 2012-05-02

Correlating Impedance Measurements Among Different Types of Measurement Instruments (PN 4291-4)
The 4291B is the advanced impedance analyzer which has the capability to make accurate measurements. This document discusses the data correlation between the 4291B and older instrument.

Application Note 2012-04-27

4339B High Resistance Meter Safety Instruction (German)
The guide provides the safety instruction for Keysight 4339B high resistance meter in German language.

Reference Guide 2012-04-01

U1700 Series Handheld Capacitance/LCR Meters - Quick Fact Sheet
This quick fact sheet presents Keysight's new line of LCR meters; U1731C, U1732C and U1733C. It shows the LCR's key features; the Ai, test frequency up to 100kHz and detailed component analysis.

Promotional Materials 2012-03-16

Using a Network and Impedance Analyzer to Evaluate 13.56 MHz RFID Tags and Readers/Writers
For engineers who work in RFID antenna design and test, this note discusses testing RFID antenna characteristics such as impedance and resonant-frequency with network and impedance analyzers.

Application Note 2012-02-08

Design Tutorial: E5061B ENA Custom Multiport Switch Solution Using L4491A
This application note describes how to configure a 12-port custom switch box with the L4491A switch platform and operation basics using the E5061B network analyzer.

Application Note 2011-11-29

ENA Series Network Analyzer Quick Demo Guide - VBA Programming (User Menu)
The ENA series network analyzer quick demo guide, develop VBA program to set up 2-port S-parameter measurement

Demo 2011-07-20

E5061B ENA Series Network Analyzer RF NA Option Quick Demo Guide
The E5061B ENA series network analyzer RF NA options quick demo guide, set up 2-port S-parameter measurement, perform 2-port calibration, measure insertion loss and bandwidth parameters

Demo 2011-07-14

E5061B ENA Series Network Analyzer LF-RF NA Option Quick Demo Guide
The E5061B ENA series network analyzer LF-RF NA option quick demo guide, impedance measurement (series-thru method, GP port), calibration at fixture, equivalent circuit analysis

Demo 2011-06-24

Keysight Network Analyzer Video on YouTube
Keysight Network Analyzer Video Library playlist in AgilentVNA's Channel on YouTube

Demo 2011-06-17

E4991A Data Sheet
This technical data sheet describes detailed specifications of the E4991A 3 GHz RF impedance/material analyzer.

Data Sheet 2011-06-13


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