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Impedance Analyzers

Real characteristics – achieved only with an impedance analyzer

Only Keysight impedance analyzers provide unparalleled accuracy for component evaluation from mOhm to Mohm, from 5 Hz to 3 GHz. Add an impedance analyzer to your lab and achieve real characteristics of high quality components.

  • The E4990A Impedance Analyzer with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 120 MHz provides an industry best 0.045% (typ.) basic accuracy over a wide impedance range, with a 40 V built-in DC bias source.
  • The E4991B Impedance Analyzer with a frequency range of 1 MHz to 3 GHz provides 0.65% basic accuracy over a wide impedance range, with a 40 V built-in DC bias source (Option 001). Material measurement options provide temperature characteristics analysis capability from -55 °C to 150°C (Option 007) and direct read function of permittivity and permeability (Option 002).
  • The E5061B ENA series network analyzer with option 3L5/005 supports a wide frequency range from 5 Hz to 3 GHz, with 2% (typ.) basic accuracy, 40 V built-in DC bias source, network analysis, impedance analysis and Gain/Phase analysis capabilities.

Select the appropriate frequency range for your application

Keysight’s impedance analyzers provide the best performance in the industry with frequency options to meet your needs at an affordable price. You can select the most appropriate frequency range for your application, from 10 MHz to 3 GHz. Flexible frequency upgrade options are also available. You can choose just what you require today with the least amount of investment and upgrade later as needs arise. Select what’s best for you - and achieve both your engineering and business goals.

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Power of Impedance Analyzer - Application Note
This application note describes the necessity of real-characteristics evaluation, and shows that the impedance analyzers only have capabilities to achieve real-characteristics.

Application Note 2019-01-28

E4991B Impedance Analyzer - Configuration Guide
This is the configuration guide for the E4991B which shows the ordering information.

Configuration Guide 2018-11-27

E4991B Impedance Analyzer - Data Sheet
This is the technical specification for the E4991B The E4991B impedance analyzer supports accurate impedance measurement and analysis of a wide variety of electronic.

Data Sheet 2018-11-22

E4991B Impedance Analyzer - Brochure
This brochure introduces overview and key features of the E4991B Impedance analyzer. The E4991B provide the best performance in the industry and three frequency options (1 GHz to 500M/1 G/3 GHz).

Brochure 2018-11-22

N1500A Materials Measurement Suite - Technical Overview
With Keysight N1500A materials measurement software suite, you can determine the intrinsic electromagnetic properties of many dielectric and magnetic materials.

Technical Overview 2018-02-16

Impedance Analyzers and Network Analyzers - Application Note
This application note describes the benefits of using USB and LAN interfaces compared to GPIB. The target instruments are bench-top network analyzers, impedance analyzers and LCR meters.

Application Note 2018-01-18

Accessories Catalog for Impedance Measurements - Catalog
This catalog introduces all the impedance test fixtures that can be used with LCR meters, Resistance Meters, Capacitance Meters, Impedance Analyzers, and Combination analyzers. ADDITIONAL MODELS: 16196A 16196B 16196C 16197A 16064B 16190B 16380A 16380C 42030A 42090A 42091A

Selection Guide 2017-08-24

LCR Meters, Impedance Analyzers and Test Fixtures - Selection Guide
This 13-page, selection guide matchesapplications to LCR meters, Impedance analyzer, and fixtures cotains brief information on products and applicationliteratures. ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS: 4294A 42941A 4396B 4395A 4287A 4288A 4285A 4263B 4268A 4338B 4339B 4349B 4278A 4279A BIAS ADAPTER File size: 1900 KB4339B 4349B 4278A 4279A BIAS ADAPTER

Selection Guide 2017-08-14

E4991B Impedance Analyzer PDF Help (For Firmware Rev. A.01.0x)
Printable PDF version of the E4991B help. Use this version to print out a hardcopy of the help contents.

Help File 2017-06-29

PDF PDF 28.60 MB
Solutions for Measuring Permittivity and Permeability w/LCR Meters & Impedance Analyzers
This application note presents the technologies and methods for measuring permittivity and permeability. The document focuses on impedance measurement technology with the following advantages: Wide frequency range from 20Hz to 1GHz High measurement accuracy Simple preparations (fabrication of material, measurement setup) for measurement.

Application Note 2016-06-12

E4991B Impedance Analyzer Troubleshooting Guide
The troubleshooting guide provides troubleshooting information when operational problems are encountered on the E4991B.

Service Manual 2015-03-26

Materials Measurement: Soil Materials - Application Brief
Soil materials such as rocks or clay also have electrical properties in addition to the mechanical properties as with other substances.

Application Note 2014-11-05

E4990A / E4991B Security Features
This document describes instrument security features and the steps to declassify an instrument through memory sanitization or removal.

Reference Guide 2014-10-01

E4991B Impedance Analyzer Installation Guide
The installation guide provides start up setup information when you use the E4991B for the first time and troubleshooting information when the Windows cannot be boot up.

Installation Manual 2014-08-01

E4991B Impedance Analyzer Web Help (User Manual, Operation and Programming)
This browser based help system can be accessed through internet. The contents are the same as the latest HTML help. The E4991B help includes the information of Quick Start, Specification, Operation and Programming.

Help File 2014-07-31

E4991B Impedance Analyzer HTML Help (For Firmware Rev. A.01.0x)
This can be downloaded for viewing on your PC. Download this file on the local hard disk of your PC. If you encounter a problem to view, right-click on the file, click Properties, then click Unblock.

Help File 2014-07-31

Materials Measurement: Magnetic Materials - Application Brief
This application brief provides the solutions for measuring magnetic materials.

Application Note 2014-07-17

Materials Measurement: Dielectric Materials - Application Brief
This application brief provides the solutions for measuring dielectric materials.

Application Note 2014-07-17

Temperature Characteristic Evaluations of RF Components and Materials (AN 1464)
This application note introduces an efficient and highly reliable measurement system for evaluating temperature characteristics of components and materials using a combination of the E4991A-007.

Application Note 2004-10-14


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