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Impedance Analyzers

Real characteristics – achieved only with an impedance analyzer

Only Keysight impedance analyzers provide unparalleled accuracy for component evaluation from mOhm to Mohm, from 5 Hz to 3 GHz. Add an impedance analyzer to your lab and achieve real characteristics of high quality components.

  • The E4990A Impedance Analyzer with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 120 MHz provides an industry best 0.045% (typ.) basic accuracy over a wide impedance range, with a 40 V built-in DC bias source.
  • The E4991B Impedance Analyzer with a frequency range of 1 MHz to 3 GHz provides 0.65% basic accuracy over a wide impedance range, with a 40 V built-in DC bias source (Option 001). Material measurement options provide temperature characteristics analysis capability from -55 °C to 150°C (Option 007) and direct read function of permittivity and permeability (Option 002).
  • The E5061B ENA series network analyzer with option 3L5/005 supports a wide frequency range from 5 Hz to 3 GHz, with 2% (typ.) basic accuracy, 40 V built-in DC bias source, network analysis, impedance analysis and Gain/Phase analysis capabilities.

Select the appropriate frequency range for your application

Keysight’s impedance analyzers provide the best performance in the industry with frequency options to meet your needs at an affordable price. You can select the most appropriate frequency range for your application, from 10 MHz to 3 GHz. Flexible frequency upgrade options are also available. You can choose just what you require today with the least amount of investment and upgrade later as needs arise. Select what’s best for you - and achieve both your engineering and business goals.

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Balanced Circuit Measurement with an Impedance Analyzer/LCR Meter/Network Analyzer (AN 346-2)
This application note describes the difference between a balanced circuit and an unbalanced circuit, and also explains how to make an unbalanced circuit measurement by the unbalanced instrument step by step.

Application Note 2008-04-10

16196A/B/C/D Correlating RF Impedance Measurements When Using SMD Test Fixtures
This Product Note explains that the ability to verify the correlation of impedance measurement results is dependent on the variety of factors.

Application Note 2007-03-06

Temperature Characteristic Evaluations of RF Components and Materials (AN 1464)
This application note introduces an efficient and highly reliable measurement system for evaluating temperature characteristics of components and materials using a combination of the E4991A-007.

Application Note 2004-10-14

Evaluation of MOS Capacitor Gate Oxide C-V Characteristics Using the Keysight 4294A(PN4294-3)
As a result of extremely high integration of logic LSIs, MOS FETs with gate lengths of 0.1 mm or less have been produced recently. A consequence of this miniaturization has been the need for very thin gate oxide layers.

Application Note 2003-06-26

Network, Spectrum, and Impedance Evaluation of Electronic Circuits and Components (AN 1308-1)
This Application Note describes how the Keysight 4395A/96B can be used to contribute fast cycle time for electronic circuit/component development.

Application Note 2001-12-19

Accurate Impedance Measurement with Cascade Microtech Probe System(AN1369-3)
This 12 page application note explains how to make on-wafer or on-substrate 1-port impedance measurements using a probe station.The E4991A (1 M-3 GHz) and 4294A (40-110 MHz) solutions are discussed.

Application Note 2001-07-31

Advanced impedance measurement capability of the RF I-V method (AN 1369-2)
This application note describes the difference between the network analyzer and impedance analyzer for the measurement principle and actual measurement performance.

Application Note 2001-07-26

New Generation Analyzer Offers Exceptional and Powerful Analysis Functions for RF...(PN E4991A-1)
This Product Note describes the key technology of RF impedance measurement, today's RF component evaluation methodologies and advanced features of the E4991A product.

Application Note 2001-05-24

8 Hints For Successful Impedance Measurement (AN 346-4)
Selection criteria, device characteristics, fixturing and error correction etc.

Application Note 2000-06-01

Impedance Measurements of Magnetic Heads Using Constant Current (AN 369-3)
This Application Note is for information only. Keysight no longer sells or supports these products.

Application Note 1988-07-01


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