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Frequency Counter Products

Keysight is the #1 Frequency Counter vendor in the world

Why? Because Keysight offers a wide variety of time and frequency measurements with exceptional performance and reliability. Keysight's frequency counter product family includes RF, Universal, and Microwave Frequency counter products, Time-To-Digital Converters.

Introducing the 350 MHz 53200 Series RF & Universal Frequency Counters/Timers
Speed, resolution & accuracy are just the beginning... See product series linked below for details.

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Modulation Domain and Time Interval Analyzers Pulse Analyzer System (PAS) Z2090B
Conduct high speed/high resolution time interval analysis and extensive modulation analysis of RADAR up to a frequency of 18 GHz at 25 M-Events/sec data throughput and 50 picoseconds resolution.

Data Sheet 2014-07-31

Z2090B-170 (-171) Pulse Analyzer System (PAS) User's Manual Rev D
This is the user guide for the Z2090B-170 Pulse Analyzer System (PAS). It is a Pulsed and Pulsed RF analyzer system designed to provide precise timing measurements of RADAR and other pulsed waveforms. The PAS base configuration will provide timing measurements using a Time to Digital Converter (TDC) module to measure edge event times with 50ps accuracy.

User Manual 2008-11-10