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Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser

As your design includes multi gigabit serial interconnect standards, Keysight protocol analyzer and exerciser products are the most effective solution to debug, validate and optimize semiconductors, software and system that use serial protocol standards for computer, storage, display, mobile and embedded systems.

Keysight’s protocol test solutions for each technology typically consists of both protocol analyzer application as well as a stimulus solution, such as an exerciser or traffic generator. Keysight’s protocol test solutions combine multi-protocol analysis, traffic generation, performance and conformance verification to debug, validate and optimize your designs using high speed protocol standards.

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Keysight E2920 PCI Series: HP NSD stabilizes Server Designs quickly and completely with the...
One method NSD uses to accelerate development is to apply the Keysight E2920 PCI Series of Verification Tools to bring up, debug, and validate its PCI-based designs early in the process.

Case Study 2004-07-14

PCI Performance Analysis - Article
In-depth performance evaluation by post processing PCI waveform data.

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Efficient Use of PCI: Intel discusses basic concepts of PCI Performance
Concepts of PCI Performance measurements and the importance of efficient use of PCI commands

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