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Terminations (Loads)

Coax terminations / coaxial loads find wide use as coax accessories for both broadband and narrowband measurement instruments. Keysight's family of fixed and sliding coax terminations / coaxial loads includes both general purpose grade loads as well as coaxial loads intended for use as calibration standards.

Key features of coax terminations / coaxial loads

  • Low RF leakage and a clearly defined reference plane
  • Tantalum nitride on sapphire thinfilm technology for exceptional long-term impedance stability
  • Gold plated beryllium copper used for the connector contacts for the best possible wear resistance characteristics

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909C Precision Coaxial Termination Data Sheet

Data Sheet 2016-01-21

909A Coaxial Termination DC to 18 GHz - Technical Overview

Technical Overview 2011-06-27

909F Precision Coaxial Termination Data Sheet
This two-page, black and white technical specifications includes product description and product photo.

Data Sheet 2008-08-21

909E Precision Coaxial Termination Data Sheet
This data sheet includes product description, features, technical specifications, and environmental specifications.

Data Sheet 2002-09-23

909D Coaxial Termination Data Sheet

Data Sheet 1998-08-01