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Precision Optics and Assemblies

For more than 35 years, Keysight has been designing and fabricating leading-edge optics for use in our laser interferometer systems. You can take advantage of this engineering, component fabrication, and assembly expertise and our state-of-the-art optics manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, California to deliver cutting-edge optical solutions to your customers:

  • Proven reliability for customers with zero tolerance for failure When performance is critical and failure is not an option, system designers know they can count on Keysight Precision Optics and Assemblies. With the experience of hundreds of successful designs and thousands of shipments, we understand the challenges of world-class opto-mechanical design and manufacturing.
  • Comprehensive testing and support Extensive test procedures give our customers an unmatched level of confidence in both performance and dependability. Moreover, Keysight products and services are supported by the resources of a global engineering company with three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing precision optics.
  • Latest monolithic designs If your systems call for the utmost in precision and reliability under real-world conditions, consider the benefits of new monolithic optical designs. With patented technologies, seamless integration from initial concept through volume production, and the experience of more than 1,500 successful assemblies now in the field, we are uniquely qualified to help you take advantage of monolithic technology.
  • High precision production process control High volume production process control generates high precision parts that are virtually identical, simplifies your manufacturing process and minimizes inventory, support and replacement costs.

Click on the links below for more information on available services.

  • Custom Plano Optical Substrate Fabrication Custom Plano Optical Substrate Fabrication 

    Custom Plano Optical Substrate Fabrication

    Substrates to 300mm and flatness to < λ /20

  • Thin Film Coating Thin Film Coating 

    Thin Film Coating

    AR, HR, BS (polarizing and non-polarizing)

  • Complex Optical Design and Manufacturing Complex Optical Design and Manufacturing 

    Complex Optical Design and Manufacturing

    Glass-to-glass bonding; arc-second alignment

  • Engineering and Design Services Engineering and Design Services 

    Engineering and Design Services

    Design, production engineering, and metrology services...

  • Beam Directing and Reflecting Optics Beam Directing and Reflecting Optics 

    Beam Directing and Reflecting Optics

    Optics to split, bend and reflect the laser beam make layout easier and complete your system.

  • High-Performance Beamsplitters High-Performance Beamsplitters 

    High-Performance Beamsplitters

    polarizing beamsplitters (PBS) and non-polarizing beamsplitters (NPBS)