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Optical Component Test

For optical component development and manufacturing, Keysight introduces new test instruments that provide the required functionality and accuracy with faster data transfer and easy connectivity. These include new tunable lasers, optical power meters and polarization instruments that are optimized to work together. All instruments have a browser-based GUI, so basic functionality is available simply and remotely without installing additional software, both over the LAN and USB interfaces. Application software supports integration for advanced use cases.

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  • Lightwave Mainframes Lightwave Mainframes 

    Lightwave Mainframes

    Lightwave Multimeters, Lightwave Measurement Systems, Lightwave Multichannel Systems

  • Optical Measurement Software Solutions Optical Measurement Software Solutions 

    Optical Measurement Software Solutions

    Measurement and analysis engines, wavelength and polarization dependent measurements of passive and optoelectric components

  • Optical Power Measurement Products Optical Power Measurement Products 

    Optical Power Measurement Products

    Keysight optical power measurement instruments and modules provide high performance functionality. These modules include optical power sensor modules, optical heads and return loss modules.

  • Optical Laser Source Products Optical Laser Source Products 

    Optical Laser Source Products

    Tunable Laser Sources, Fabry-Perot Laser Source Modules, Distributed Feedback Laser Source Modules

  • Optical Signal Conditioning Products Optical Signal Conditioning Products 

    Optical Signal Conditioning Products

    Optical Attenuators and Optical Switch Modules for Multimode and Single-mode applications

  • Optical Polarization and Dispersion Solutions Optical Polarization and Dispersion Solutions 

    Optical Polarization and Dispersion Solutions

    The Keysight N778x Polarization Analysis and Control series offers high speed test instruments for high performance characterization and verification of optical components and sub-systems.

  • Wavelength Meters Wavelength Meters 

    Wavelength Meters

    The wavelength meters are an essential tool for measuring DWDM signals, calibrating fixed-wavelength and tunable transmitter lasers, featuring high resolution, accuracy and repetition rate. The broadband mode supports to high-rate modulated signals.

  • Connectivity Accessories Connectivity Accessories 

    Connectivity Accessories

    • KEYSIGHT's general Lightwave Solution Platform concept encompasses a flexible and replaceable device connectivity including bare fiber adaptation
    • All modules and optical heads, replaceable interface adapters are provided

Optical Component Test Products [Discontinued]
Discontinued optical sources, spectrum analyzers, power meters, connectivity products