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Lightwave Mainframes

The Keysight Technologies Lightwave solution platform addresses different measurement needs for passive and active Lightwave components. The platform is the key component to combining the Keysight Lightwave modules and their interconnection by providing features like clocking and triggering and the required software control for test solutions.

Built-in applications and an available applications software (PFL) make it easy to setup each kind of high-performance optical test.

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Lightwave Solution Platform - Configuration Guide
This configuration guide gives information on the connector interfaces and the bare face adapters for use with the 8164xA.

Configuration Guide 2019-07-22

Tunable Laser Source Families - Selection Guide
The selection guide gives an overview on bandwidth coverage of the different tunable laser families.

Selection Guide 2019-04-08

Download the 2018 Lightwave Catalog
The catalog for high-performance optical T&M solutions provides information on test applications and test equipment for core fiber networks and data centers.

Catalog 2017-03-31

Tunable laser sources expands spectral test portfolio – PR
New Models Offer Price-Performance Choices for High-Throughput Testing of Optical Components

Press Materials 2017-01-27

8163A/B, 8164A/B, 8166A/B Programming Guide
This manual contains information about SCPI commands which can be used to program the following instruments: Keysight 8163A/B Lightwave Multimeter...

Programming and Syntax Guide 2016-06-01

8163A/B, 8164A/B, and 8166A/B Users Guide
This User Guide covers the Keysight 8163A/B Lightwave Multimeter, Keysight 8164A/B Lightwave Measurement System and Keysight 8166A/B Lightwave Mulitchannel System and their instrument modules.

User Manual 2016-06-01

81602A Extra High Power Tunable Laser - video
The Keysight 81602A is an extra high power tunable laser operating from 1250 nm to 1370 nm. With over +17 dBm peak power and +16 dBm in the 100GBASE-LR4 range, it improves tolerance for optical power budgets in test setups.

Demo 2016-04-19

N7700A Photonic Application Suite Software YouTube Videos
Technical clips for N7700A Photonic Application Suite Software: Installation of the package manager, Insertion Loss (IL) and Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) Setup, Fast Spectral Loss Setup, N77xx Viewer Software and many more.

Demo 2016-01-26

A0010A 40GHz RIN Measurement System
RIN measurement with the world's widest 40 GHz bandwidth Best solution for 40G/100G optical TX laser characterization Unique and accurate calibration for uncertainty reduction Optional function of optical modulation depth measurement

Brochure 2016-01-21

8163B Lightwave Multimeter, 8164B Measurement System, 8166B Multichannel - Technical Specifications

Data Sheet 2016-01-15

New Tunable Laser- with industry leading tuning repeatability
Tunable Laser Source Sets New Records in Accuracy, Test Efficiency for Spectral Loss Measurements

Press Materials 2015-03-17

Optical All-Loss Test Solution
The Optical Loss Analyzer (OLA) test solution measures Insertion Loss, Polarization Dependent Loss and Return Loss.

Application Note 2002-01-17

8163A Multimeter, 8164A Lightwave Measurement System, 8166A Multichannel
The Keysight 8163A is a high performance optical multimeter for the characterization and evaluation of optical components and systems.

Technical Overview 2001-01-07

Cleaning Procedures for Lightwave Test and Measurement Equipment
This pocket guide explains why it is important to clean optical devices, lists the products you need and describes the different cleaning procedures.

Service Manual 2000-11-09