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Photonic Test & Measurement

Keysight offers a wide-range of innovative test and measurement solutions to accelerate the progress of next-generation intelligent optical networks. Keysight's mission in the optical market is to shorten time-to-market and reduce cost-of-test for customers in R&D and manufacturing, as well as enable new technologies which include innovative optical components, network elements & systems, and all-optical fiber networks.

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Infiniium DCA-X 86100D Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe and Modules - Data Sheet
The 86100D DCA-X performs precision measurements on high-speed digital designs from 50Mb/s to more than 80 Gb/s on up to 16 channels simultaneously.

Data Sheet 2018-08-15

M8030A Multi-Channel BERT - Data Sheet
The M8030A multi-channel BERT supports multi-channel applications like PCIe, PON, XAUI and GAUI multi-lane test, the 14-slot mainframe extends the capabilities of the widely used J-BERT M8020A.

Data Sheet 2018-08-13

User's Guides, Programmer's Guides, and Online Help (Version 06.20.01101)
This installer places an "Infiniium Docs" folder shortcut on your desktop. In this folder you can find user's guides, programmer's guides, and other manuals that go with Infiniium oscilloscope system software.

Help File 2018-08-09

EXE EXE 425.82 MB
N4391B Optical Modulation Analyzer - Data Sheet
The N4391B is the next generation Optical Modulation Analyzer based on the UXR Oscilloscope series with two bandwidth options, one ranging from 40 GHz to 70 GHz and a second one ranging from 80 GHz to 110 GHz.

Data Sheet 2018-08-09

N4917BSCA 400G Optical Receiver Stress Test Solution - Data Sheet
The N4917BSCA Optical Receiver Test solution is an application software controlling the complete hardware required to do standard compliant stress signal calibration and automated JTOL and SRS tests.

Data Sheet 2018-08-09

N7788B Optical Component Analyzer - Data Sheet
This data sheet pushes the limits of component measurements with the N7788B component analyzer.

Data Sheet 2018-08-08

M8040A High-Performance BERT 64 GBaud - Data Sheet
M8040A is a highly integrated BERT for physical layer characterization of devices operating up to 64 GBaud with support for PAM-4 and NRZ signals. Expands the M8000 Series to 400GbE data center.

Data Sheet 2018-08-08

N4373E Single-Mode Fiber Lightwave Component Analyzer for 100G/400G/1T Electro-Optical Test
The N4373E Lightwave Component Analyzer (LCA), based on the new N52xxB PNA Microwave Network Analyzer series offers a modulation bandwidth of 43.5/50/67 GHz which makes it the ideal choice to develop and characterize electro-optical components, for 40G/1 OOGbE and the upcoming 400G and 1 Tbit/s transmission systems.

Data Sheet 2018-07-31

An Overview of the Electrical Validation of 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T - Application Note
The technology used in these ports, commonly known as “LAN” or “NIC” ports, is usually one of the 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T standards or a combination of them.

Application Note 2018-07-25

Wavelength and Polarization Dependence of 100G-LR4 Components - Application Note
This application note describes our solution based on the new 81606A or 81608A tunable lasers, for measuring the wavelength and polarization dependence of components for 100G optical links that multiplex multiple wavelengths. Both passive fiber optic components and receiver optical subassemblies are addressed.

Application Note 2018-07-13

N4917BACA Optical Receiver Stress Test Solution 100 Gb/s Ethernet - Data Sheet
The N4917B optical receiver stress test solution provides an automated stressed receiver sensitivity test in accordance with the 100GBASE-LR4, ER4 and SR4 test specifications as well as with the following 100G Multi Source Agreements: CLR4, CWDM4, 4WDM.

Data Sheet 2018-07-09

On-Wafer Testing of Opto-Electronic Components Using the Lightwave Component Analyzers - Rev.2
This document describes the principles of on-wafer measurements of opto-electronic components using a Lightwave Component Analyzer and provides step-by-step instructions needed to set up a calibration kit prior to the on-wafer calibration, to perform the electronic calibration and to deembed the wafer probes.

Application Note 2018-07-03

Infiniium Oscilloscope Probes and Accessories - Data Sheet
Infiniium oscilloscopes have a wide selection of high-quality probes and accessories for your particular applications to help you get the most out of your scope.

Data Sheet 2018-06-27

On-Wafer Testing of Opto-Electronic Components Using LCA's
This document describes the principles of on-wafer measurements on opto-electronic components

Application Note 2018-06-12

N4917BACA 100G Optical Receiver Test Application User Guide
This document provides an introduction, installation steps, underlying concepts, and usage information for the Keysight N4917BACA 100G Optical Receiver Test Application.

User Manual 2018-06-01

M8000 Series Plugins for M8070A System Software - Getting Started Guide
This document describes how to install, uninstall, update and launch the plug-ins through the M8070A system software.

Quick Start Guide 2018-06-01

M8000 Series of BER Test Solutions - User Guide
This document describes M8070A system software to control M8020A/M8030A/M8040A, the various supported modules, GUI usage and how to perform measurements.

User Manual 2018-06-01

PDF PDF 22.42 MB
N4373E Lightwave Component Analyzer User’s Guide
N4373E Lightwave Component Analyzer User’s Guide

User Manual 2018-06-01

M8000 Series of BER Test Solutions - Programming Guide
This guide provides detailed information on (remote) programming the Keysight M8070A, including SCPI Command Language & Reference, including Programming Basics & Examples.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2018-06-01

PDF PDF 11.03 MB
DCA Accessories - Technical Overview
Learn more about the probes and accessories that are compatible with DCA oscilloscopes.

Technical Overview 2018-05-29

E5052B Signal Source Analyzer - Brochure
This 16-page brochure describes the features and benefits of the E5052B (10 MHz to 7 GHz, 26.5 GHz, or 110 GHz) Signal Source Analyzer. The E5052B is a single-instrument solution that offers an indispensable set of measurement functions for evaluating RF & microwave signal sources such as VCOs, crystal oscillators, SAW oscillators, dielectric resonator oscillators, YIG oscillators, PLL synthesizers, RFICs, and L.O. circuits.

Brochure 2018-05-15

PDF PDF 11.23 MB
Keysight N4917B Optical Receiver Stress Test - User Guide
The N4917B Optical Receiver Stress Test User Guide describes the system requirements, underlying concepts, and procedures for using the N4917B test solution for optical stressed eye.

User Manual 2018-05-01

86100D DCA Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Family - Configuration Guide
See how to configure your Keysight sampling oscilloscope with additional options to speed your testing.

Configuration Guide 2018-04-19

Basic Vector Signal Analysis and Hardware Connectivity 89600 VSA Software Option 200
Basic vector signal analysis is the foundation of the tools and user interface that make up the 89600 VSA software. Hardware connectivity allows the 89600 VSA software to link to over 40 instruments.

Technical Overview 2018-04-03

Programmer's Guide for Infiniium Oscilloscopes (CHM)
This is a Windows HTML Help (CHM) version of the Infiniium Oscilloscopes Programmer's Guide.

Programming and Syntax Guide 2018-04-01


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