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System Uptime Support Services

Keysight’s System Uptime Support Services ensure you will get the most out of your investment, reduce your overall test costs, and help you achieve the highest possible uptime. Keysight offers several ways for you to purchase Uptime Support Services for your Keysight test and inspection systems.

Choose from our wide range of support agreements designed to meet your support requirements, with transparent fixed pricing for total peace of mind. Alternatively you may customize your requirements by mixing and matching from a variety of support offerings.

For total peace of mind and to enjoy lower costs, choose the services that best fit your needs

To learn more, request additional support information

For customers who may have questions on Keysight’s recent announcement that we have exited the inspection business please visit:

  • ICT Max and Flex System Uptime Support Agreement for i3070 Series 5 ICT Max and Flex System Uptime Support Agreement for i3070 Series 5 

    ICT Max and Flex System Uptime Support Agreement for i3070 Series 5

    Introducing the revolutionary ICT Max and Flex support offerings from Keysight for your i3070 Series 5 in-circuit test (ICT) systems

  • System Uptime Support Agreement System Uptime Support Agreement 

    System Uptime Support Agreement

    Enhance performance and boost uptime of your 3070 system through Keysight's various system uptime support contract offerings.

  • System Spares Onsite Agreement System Spares Onsite Agreement 

    System Spares Onsite Agreement

    Provides you peace of mind and the confidence of knowing you have immediate access to spare parts at your site, whenever you need them.

  • PC Upgrade Agreement PC Upgrade Agreement 

    PC Upgrade Agreement

    Provides 3-in1 PC upgrades that refresh your i3070 system with better performance, capability and reliability. This service provides PC upgrades to replace your obsolete PC/UNXI controller. It is bundled with software upgrade and comes with support.

  • Limited Parts Agreement Limited Parts Agreement 

    Limited Parts Agreement

    Most cost effective way to repair or exchange your defective system parts with Keysight genuine parts and quality services.

  • Service Volume Agreement Service Volume Agreement 

    Service Volume Agreement

    Simplifies the way you buy services with Keysight. The SVA removes the need to place multiple service orders, thus saving you time and money.

  • Professional  Services Professional Services 

    Professional Services

    Bring Keysight 3070 test expertise into your company by utilizing test consultants to optimize your programs or teach you tips and techniques.

  • XTPB Card Upgrade Agreement XTPB Card Upgrade Agreement 

    XTPB Card Upgrade Agreement

    • Technology Refresh + Obsolescence Protection
    • Refresh legacy Keysight 3070 ICT system with the latest Control XTPB and iCap cards, benefit from the improved throughput, testhead boot time and obsolescence protection that the upgrade provides.

  • E9900E 3070 / i3070 ICT Rental E9900E 3070 / i3070 ICT Rental 

    E9900E 3070 / i3070 ICT Rental

    • Keysight system rentals uses the latest i3070 hardware and software
    • Keysight i3070 software features with license-to-use can be made available
    • Total peace of mind for with Keysight uptime support service

  • R2021A Keysight Technologies On-Site Now Expert Support Service R2021A Keysight Technologies On-Site Now Expert Support Service 

    R2021A Keysight Technologies On-Site Now Expert Support Service

    • R2021 Keysight Technologies On-Site Now Expert Support Service