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Discontinued Automated X-ray Inspection

Keysight is exiting the automated optical and automated x-ray inspection business. Keysight will honor all existing warranty and support contracts and offer spare parts, time and materials services, and self support options until end-of-support, which is seven years from product discontinuance, starting March 1st, 2009.

For the list of frequently asked questions on this exit announcement, please visit www.keysight.com/find/inspection.

Keysight remains fully committed to expand the product offerings in its In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Functional Test product families in the printed circuit board assembly test market.

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Rotating Boards on a Panel
Rotating Boards on a Panel if often necessary. In addition to the software revisions named within, the explained technique in the document is utilized for for 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and 7.x. For 8.x Test Link deals with this automatically.

Notes d’application 2001-05-17

Dealing with Board Thickness Variations
The Keysight 5DX has the capability to be implemented such that it can accommodate thickness variations on a board-by-board basis. NOTE: Content described is in the 5DX Reference Guide but is no longer in Chapter 7 as mentioned herein.

Notes d’application 2001-05-16

Improved Fault Coverage in a Combined X-ray and In-Circuit Test Environment
Cutting functional test failures in half and doubling the faults detected at process test! These are some of the case study results observed in combined X-ray and in-circuit test environments.

Notes d’application 2001-02-27

Use of Wrong Thickness Technique Gives Bad Test Results
Beginning with release 6.0, there are two techniques for measurement of solder thickness on the Keysight 5DX, each based on use of a different Confirmation & Adjustment panel.

Notes d’application 2000-12-31

The Why, Where, What, How, and When of X-ray Test
How do the different AXI technologies work? What are the appropriate uses of 2D vs 3D X-ray? Where in the mfg process should AXI be placed? How can AXI be used to improve the mfg process?

Notes d’application 2000-11-01

Learned Data for the 5DX
The Keysight 5DX uses learned data in several ways to improve algorithm performance. There are basically 2 different forms of learned data.

Notes d’application 2000-11-01

Reducing Load Time for Loaderless Systems
For Series 2L systems, it may be possible to reduce the time it takes to load a panel.

Notes d’application 1999-12-01

NDF and RTF - Hashed Names
There have been many questions about hashed directory names. This is a brief explanation of why they are, and how they are generated.

Notes d’application 1998-06-30

Effects of Lead Free Solders on Imaging Characteristics of the Keysight 5DX Laminographic X-ray Test
The electronics industry is under pressure to migrate solder processes away from the usage of eutectic tin-lead solder and towards utilization of lead-free compounds.

Notes d’application 1998-05-01

Use of the Test Results Command Processor
TRCMDPRO processes the results from the Keysight 5DX in a way that is specified by a command file. This file is TRCMDPRO.CMD. In addition to the software revisions named, the document applies to all 5DX software versions.

Notes d’application 1998-01-12


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