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Discontinued Automated X-ray Inspection

Keysight is exiting the automated optical and automated x-ray inspection business. Keysight will honor all existing warranty and support contracts and offer spare parts, time and materials services, and self support options until end-of-support, which is seven years from product discontinuance, starting March 1st, 2009.

For the list of frequently asked questions on this exit announcement, please visit www.keysight.com/find/inspection.

Keysight remains fully committed to expand the product offerings in its In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Functional Test product families in the printed circuit board assembly test market.

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Successful Implementation of the Keysight Medalist x6000 AXI Solution – The Pyramid Concept
This aplication note provides a pyramid concept that outlines how users can successfully leverage the powerful defects detection capabilities of the Keysight Medalist x6000 automated x-ray inspection system to reduce their production and life cycle costs and improve product quality.

Notes d’application 2008-11-19

Exposed Pad Algorithm for the Medalist x6000 AXI System
This application note describes how to use the exposed pad algorithm in the Medalist x6000 AXI software to test all varieties of QFN and FET package types for defects such as Open and Voiding.

Notes d’application 2008-10-21

Setting Up HotKeys for AXI products on the Keysight Medalist Repair Tool
Users of the Keysight Medalist Repair Tool, also known as the Keysight Repair Tool (ART), can setup hot keys to increase the efficiency of image viewing in RT4.0 for their X-ray inspection products.

Notes d’application 2008-09-26

Carrier Usage with the x6000 Automated X-ray Inspection System
Carriers can be used successfully in the x6000 Automated X-ray Inspection system. Several factors need to be considered when designing a carrier. This document outline the factors that should be considered in the carrier design.

Notes d’application 2007-08-23