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Limited Access Test Products The Super 7 Suite

CET awards

The world of electronics assembly continues to see complex packages, connectors and new high speed devices piled onto shrinking PCB real estate. It's more critical than ever to take stock of your In-Circuit Test needs to prepare for the future. Keysight's Super 7 suite of award-winning, limited-access test innovations are tools that can help you stay competitive:

  1. Cover-Extend Technology
  2. Bead Probe Technology
  3. IEEE 1149.1 InterconnectPlus Boundary Scan
  4. IEEE 1149.6 Boundary Scan
  5. Silicon Nails
  6. DriveThru
  7. Access Consultant

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Still using Keysight's old TestJet technology? It's time to upgrade to the highly versatile and powerful VTEP v2.0 Powered vectorless test suite!

Looking for a low-cost In-Circuit tester with digital capability? See our latest test system i1000D

  • Access Consultant Access Consultant 

    Access Consultant

    Software that ties all the different limited-access tools together to let you better manage which strategy suits your needs better

  • Bead Probe Technology Bead Probe Technology 

    Bead Probe Technology

    Increase test access even on high-speed traces and space-constrain PCBAs. Its layout independent nature means that trace-routing is not disrupted with the addition of bead probes unlike how test pads do

  • DriveThru DriveThru 


    Used in conjunction with VTEP, DriveThru gives the user the ability to test both a device pin and the passive component leading to the device pin with just 1 test point

  • IEEE 1149.1 InterconnectPlus Boundary Scan IEEE 1149.1 InterconnectPlus Boundary Scan 

    IEEE 1149.1 InterconnectPlus Boundary Scan

    Compliant to the IEEE 1149.1 standard, this Keysight boundary-scan solution provide a fast, automated pass/fail test along with pin-level diagnostics for speedy repair.

  • IEEE 1149.6 Boundary Scan IEEE 1149.6 Boundary Scan 

    IEEE 1149.6 Boundary Scan

    Extend boundary scan to test high-speed AC-coupled differential signals in accordance to IEEE

  • Silicon Nails Silicon Nails 

    Silicon Nails

    Test non-boundary scan devices by using devices which are boundary scan-enabled to act as driver/receivers.

  • N1169A-003 Cover-Extend Technology N1169A-003 Cover-Extend Technology 

    N1169A-003 Cover-Extend Technology

    Hybrid technology between the VTEP vectorless capacitive coupling technology and boundary scan.