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Low-leakage Switch Matrix Family (B2200A/B2201A/E5250A)

Industry Challenges

Conducting all the parametric measurements necessary for the numerous test structures on a semiconductor wafer can be a time-consuming and expensive process. With the cost of end-user devices continuing to drop, even laboratory characterization environments must reduce the cost of test.  Until now engineers and scientists working on current and future semiconductor process technologies were faced with a difficult choice: either use a semiconductor parameter analyzer with positioners on a wafer prober, which limits the ability to perform automated test, or use a switching matrix and probe card, which reduced the analyzer's measurement resolution.  Utilizing a switching matrix with a semi-automatic or fully-automatic wafer prober enables characterization tests to be automated, eliminating the need to have an operator manually reposition the probes each time a new module needs to be tested.  This reduces both test time and cost.  Due to the many price/performance points available, Keysight's switching matrix solutions provide the flexibility to choose exactly what your testing needs require, without overspending.


Flexible switching matrix options, all without the compromise of distortion

The Keysight low leakage switch mainframes can expand the measurement capabilities of parameter analyzers (such as the Keysight B1500A, 4155C, or 4156C) to create an automated measurement solution. They provide the measurement flexibility and automation capabilities inherent in a switching matrix and probe-card-based solution without compromising measurement performance. The product family is designed with the flexibility to allow you to choose only the capabilities your testing needs require, nothing more. The portfolio contains multiple options for current measurement resolution and input/output configurations. In addition, all solutions include a powerful feature to compensate for the capacitance measurement distortion created by the matrix's internal path lengths.

  • Choose the measurement resolution that best matches your needs
    Choose between 1 fA and 10 fA current measurement resolution, as appropriate for your testing needs, to purchase no more sensitivity than is necessary. The switching matrix keeps pace with the capabilities of your semiconductor parameter analyzer without loss in measurement performance that might be caused by signal leakage.
  • Flexible input and output configurations
    Available options span the continuum of cost and performance, from cost-effective measurement solutions for non-Kelvin measurement up to 4-SMU, full-Kelvin measurement configurations. In addition, across the product family, you can select a variety of output channel configurations and card types to meet your measurement needs. The B2200A, B2201A, and E5250A (E5252A cards installed) support x12, x24, x36, and x48 output configurations. The E5250A (E5255A cards installed) supports x24, x48, x72, and x96 configurations, and up to 4 mainframes can be combined to create a 384-channel solution.
  • Accurate capacitance measurements without distortion
    When measuring capacitance, the cable length, which includes the path through the matrix, has a significant impact on measurement results. Keysight switching matrices have a capacitance measurement compensation feature that corrects for the error introduced by the matrix's internal path lengths. This allows you to make accurate capacitance measurements through a switching matrix, and -- unlike competitive solutions -- can supply compensation parameters to enable undistorted measurement results.

For more information about curve tracers and precision current-voltage analyzers, please visit Parameter and Device Analyzers, Curve Tracer.

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