Achieve high-performing WLAN Networks through comprehensive Wi-Fi testing

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  • Extensive and comprehensive AP testing
  • Detailed radio frequency (RF) generation and analysis
  • Breakthrough 4 x 4 MIMO 802.11ac technology
  • Vital and unique MU-MIMO testing and analysis that includes Beamforming accuracy
  • BYOD real application and fingerprinted device emulation
  • Detailed performance metrics to assess the quality of voice, video, unified communications, web, and industry-specific applications
  • Emulates a blend of real-world application traffic used on today’s networks (AppLibrary)

Test and validate Wi-Fi performance of WLAN infrastructure through comprehensive testing.

Problem: Not Knowing How Wi-Fi Networks Will Really Perform

Wi-Fi is mission-critical in our personal and business lives. It’s in our homes, offices, hospitals, coffee shops, and flights. High-quality Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury, it’s a must have. Great Wi-Fi networks are stable, with high capacity and performance, that exceed our quality of experience (QoE) expectations. However, most Wi-Fi networks today are only qualified for coverage with basic element and interoperability testing. This woefully inadequate testing exposes companies to the risk of their business applications failing in the field. Testing after deployment is not an option due to high cost and negative feedback.

Solution: Comprehensive Testing

IxVeriWave™ helps deliver high-quality Wi-Fi networks through a comprehensive test approach. Delivering powerful independent Wi-Fi benchmarking, real-world ecosystems, and functional, soak, and stability testing for WLAN networks. This is done in a controlled, repeatable, automatable, and easily configured environment that provides extensive visibility and debugging of results. Enterprises, carriers, equipment makers, and chipset manufacturers all have testing roles in ensuring world-class delivery and operation. Business benefits of using IxVeriWave include faster time to market for products, superior networks, and proactive problem resolution.

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