PerfectStorm 100GE 1-Port Load Module

PerfectStorm 100GE 1-Port Load Module

World's first native 100GE application and security load module

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  • High-speed, low-latency security attack and traffic load testing
  • Scalable for testing at terabit rates and tens of millions of IP connections
  • Massive scale, easy-to-use and high-fidelity simulations
  • Benchmark and validate performance of network infrastructures and devices
  • Deploy compact cyber ranges with Real-World Traffic™ for training cyber warriors

PerfectStorm is a highly modular hardware test platform enabling equipment providers, service providers, and enterprises the ability to create real-world, high-stress conditions and user behavior to push new equipment and networks to their limits.

Equipped with powerful multi-core, multi-threaded network processors, PerfectStorm 100GE is Keysight's fastest architecture designed to satisfy the testing needs of manufacturers driving the cutting edge in network speeds and TCP connections.

Networking equipment manufacturers building new equipment or service providers and large enterprises integrating this then benefit from testing and verifying performance and functionality prior to deployment.

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