Smarter Teaching

Ensure your Students, Labs and Teaching Programs are Industry Ready

Industries increasingly demand new hires equipped with relevant skill sets. Keysight’s student certification programs and curriculum-based teaching solutions help ensure university-industry curriculum alignment, and enable enhanced real-world learning to better prepare your future engineering graduates to hit the ground running.

  • University Teaching Solutions for the Lab and the Classroom – University-level, curriculum-based teaching solutions that can enhance your engineering courses by engaging your students with thought-provoking lectures and offer them hands-on lab experience using industry-standard tools and techniques. Each teaching solution comes with editable slides and/or lab sheets for classroom instruction and a training kit filled with detailed lab procedures that university educators can customise for engineering students.
  • Industry-ready Student Certification Programs – Help universities create industry-ready engineering students.
  • Benchvue Software is a powerful tool for remote teaching – Instructors can monitor student activity and access logs of instrument usage, save lab experiment results and access a wealth of library information. Click here to see a video on using BenchVue to remotely control bench instruments.
  • Complimentary 90-Day Software Licenses – We are making our most popular PathWave software products available free of charge for 90-days. Sign up, download, and go. Whether working on design and simulation, or managing multiple instruments and test stations remotely, our PC-based software can help you stay productive at home, in the lab, or anywhere you need to innovate.

Smarter Learning / Free Online Learning Resources

Advance Students in the Lab, the Classroom, and Career

In today’s highly competitive world, landing a good job requires a deep understanding of engineering concepts and practical hands-on experience with test and measurement hardware and software. Keysight offers a range of resources to help your students acquire the skills they need to stand out from other graduates.

Smarter Research

Discover your next Research Breakthrough

Your research is crucial for discovery of new sciences, new solutions for real-world problems, and innovation that accelerates technological breakthroughs. Confidence in every measurement is paramount. We advance research with professors around the globe through close university-industry collaboration and industry-leading hardware instrumentation for highly accurate and reliable measurements.


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