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Power the Future with Biofuel Cells

As IoT goes mainstream, powering devices with sustainable and co-friendly biofuel cells is the way to go. Learn how BeFC accelerated their innovation in biofuel cells to power the future.

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BeFC is a French start-up company that offers innovative paper biofuel cells for sustainable and eco-friendly energy generation, as well as digital electronic platforms optimized for their thin and flexible fuel cells. The development team at BeFC believes in a smart and sustainable future using their innovative invention made from enzymes, carbon electrodes, and paper microfluidics. 


  • Creating a robust R&D lab to meet their current measurement needs
  • Kick-starting their industrial development of biofuel cells


  • Test throughput increased by four times and enabled independent and multi-DUT test triggering
  • Won global technology awards and industry recognition for their innovative biofuel cell solution