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Keysight Corporate Social Responsibility: Building a Better Planet

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) serves as the core to Keysight's mission of accelerating innovation to connect and secure the world. We are proud of our impact on society through technology acceleration and furthering our CSR initiatives.

We recently released the Keysight Corporate Social Responsibility Report detailing the company's progress toward key goals and initiatives and our initiatives moving forward.

In case you missed it, here are some key takeaways:

Fiscal Year 2021 Results

  • $315M+ in value committed to strengthening communities
  • 145K+ students and future engineers engaged through STEM
  • 34.4% of global new hires were women
  • 46.4% of U.S. new hires were underrepresented minorities
  • Progress was made toward Net Zero Emissions in company operations by the end of the fiscal year 2040
  • Committed to Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

Keysight’s CSR Strategies for Building a Better Planet

Keysight aims to help employees, customers, shareholders, partners, and society thrive by:

  • Accelerating innovation to connect and secure the world through our hardware, software, and service solutions.
  • Employing a global business framework of ethical, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible operations through a comprehensive corporate social responsibility program.

To achieve our vision, Keysight’s business and CSR efforts are synergistic — creating long-term value for business stakeholders while positively impacting the global community through our solutions, services, and CSR program.

Keysight’s CSR Global Business Framework Sets the Stage for Success

The Keysight CSR strategy is a multi-pronged approach focusing on efforts to help the company and planet thrive, engaging company stakeholders, and a defined governance structure to drive initiatives across six pillars. These foundational pillars – each with supporting policies, programs, action plans, and accountability – provide a structure to which Keysight CSR efforts are aligned and measured.

Ethical Governance

Keysight is committed to conducting business in
an ethically responsible manner, with strategic and operational policies, procedures, and values that support transparency, sustainability, and legal compliance; this commitment underpins all our foundational pillars.

Key Highlights (Fiscal Year 2021)

  • Seventh consecutive year achieving 100% completion of annual Standards of Business Conduct (SBC) training
  • Published refreshed SBC report with an updated look and feel
  • Completed development of Keysight’s Ethical Management System

The Environment

Our environmental programs span global operations with the intent to conserve natural resources, reduce emissions, minimize waste, and prevent pollution.

Key Highlights (Fiscal Year 2021)

  • Committed to and began planning toward our goal to achieve net zero emissions in company operations by end of the fiscal year 2040, in alignment with the Paris Agreement’s preferred goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C
  • Committed to the SBTi to develop approved science-based targets in relevant scopes
  • Published key topic briefs, including water stewardship, response to climate change, and our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) commitment, and updated the company’s EHS policy to highlight current priority focus areas

Responsible Sourcing

We have strong partnerships with strategic suppliers to enable mutual success and support a shared commitment to leadership in sustainable practices, technology, and business operations.

Key Highlights (Fiscal Year 2021)

  • Supplier Code of Conduct flowed down to 100% of new suppliers during the supplier onboarding process
  • 100% of key suppliers completed a CSR assessment
  • Collaborated with strategic suppliers to provide sustainable sourcing of raw materials by implementing the Conflict Minerals program and policy within their organizations

Our People

At Keysight, we value a diverse, inclusive work environment that supports a culture of innovation, ownership, passion, and respect. Employees are the driving force in carrying out our CSR vision. As such, employees are given the tools for success across our CSR foundational pillars.

Quote card from Keysight CEO ​​​​​Satish Dhanasekaran

Key Highlights (Fiscal Year 2021)

  • Implemented diversity hiring programs resulting in 46.4% of U.S. new hires being from URM groups and 34.4% global new hires being women

  • Fiscal year 2021 global Injury/ Illness rate was 0.14, maintaining best-in-class standard
  • Certified as Great Place to Work for the fourth straight year


Keysight’s worldwide community programs demonstrate our values and commitment to corporate citizenship and directly support our social impact goals. We aim to be a contributor to the communities where we operate and actively encourage employees to get involved in local and global volunteer efforts.

Key Highlights (Fiscal Year 2021)

  • Surpassed community key impact goal by delivering > $315 million in value to strengthening communities
  • Surpassed education key impact goal by engaging > 145,000 students and future engineers through STEM education
  • Partnered with local civic bodies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide critical medical supplies, testing, education, and human services support, including community vaccination clinics at some Keysight campuses
Our Solutions

Keysight helps build a better planet through our sustainably developed electronic measurement solutions that accelerate innovations to change lives, secure the world and connect people across the globe.

Key Highlights (Fiscal Year 2021)

  • Acquisitions of Quantum Benchmark, SCALABLE Network Technologies, and Sanjole further solidified Keysight’s role in enabling purposeful technology applications

  • Revised Circular Economy Contributions document to reflect updated Keysight efforts and provide transparency in this space

For more in-depth details on our progress and future initiatives, check out the full Keysight Corporate Social Responsibility Report.