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[Infographic] How 6G Will Advance a Sustainable Future

Carbon emissions and imprecise resource usage have created an environmental crisis impacting every aspect of life. Already, 5G is reducing energy consumption and improving sustainability efforts. 6G intends to go further by curbing emissions in the industrial, agricultural, and telecommunications sectors by enabling greater resource and energy optimization.

To achieve this ambitious but attainable goal, 6G researchers are rethinking the entire architecture to design a green communication network that will build sustainability into the fabric of society.

Check out the infographic below to learn how this 6G mobile network technology will contribute to reversing climate change and building a greener, healthier, and more secure tomorrow.

6G Infographic that shows icons representing a vehicle, a flower, an industrial plant with smokestack, a wireless tower, and an electrical cord with global carbon emissions data next to each. Under each icon and statistic is a description of how 6G will help improve sustainability and reduce global emissions in the transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, and telecommunications sectors.