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6G Sub-THz Testbed Transmits Over-the-Air

In this demo, engineers from Keysight Technologies transmit a 6G signal at 285 GHz with 30GHz of bandwidth using QAM modulation and send the beam 26 feet (8 meters) over the air using diagonal horn antennas and lenses. The signal is generated with Signal Studio and Advanced Waveform Utility (AWU) and Demodulated using VSA Flex Frame.

As 6G research begins and technologies are being validated for the new applications 6G will usher in, these leading technologies will be the focus for research, prototyping, and testing to get to the 6G vision. New spectrum for 6g will explore sub terahertz (THz) frequencies as well as 7 to 24 GHz and will improve the efficiency of existing spectrum with MIMO advancements and new waveforms. Learn more about how Keysight is innovating in 6G at